Uh, welcome!

I never know what to put on these things, honestly. So I’ll just say that I’m Steph, and I like to write. A lot. Mostly about pretty boys in boybands.

And usually the blonde ones…

I started out writing Backstreet Boys fan fiction in 1999 with my own horrid teenybopper self-insert stories. I stopped writing for a while, but started up again when Unbreakable came out in 2007. Been writing Backstreet Boys stories pretty steadily ever since.

Started out writing One Direction because I was bored and didn’t feel like writing on any of my BSB stories. They were just supposed to be a fun experiment… but then I fell in love with them. Dammit.

You can find me hanging out most of the time at Absolute Chaos, but I thought I’d make my own little home on the internet so I could put all my BSB/1D stuff in one place đŸ™‚

Oh and I got some awards too!

 photo Win_ACC_zps25ada2ec.jpg

 photo Win_SS_zpse69382a1.jpg

 photo Win-CD-Author_zps55cfcc78.jpg

 photo RU_BVS_B_zpsd29add75.jpg

 photo RU-CD-Story_zpsf3b8f29b.jpg

 photo ruvivid_zps7e679e56.png

 photo intense_zps1430036b.png

 photo what2_zps44cb05b5.png


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