Last Night You Saaaaaved My Life

1 Jun

Greetings, friends!

It feels weird to have Where You Are finished, but onto the next thing! And the next thing is going to be an AU, which is a stray from what I usually write – I haven’t even really dabbled in AU in BSB fandom. Buuut I had this idea a long time ago and with the recent Where We Are tour announcement and the boys in those footy uniforms, I couldn’t resist!


Yes, it’s a Football AU starring Niall and Liam on the Irish and English national teams. I was going to write a Narry story as my next project, but I’m going with this instead for the time being. It’s still something out of my comfort zone with the AUness and all!

Also, Where You Are has been updated with Chapter 23 – Last Night You Saved My Life.


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