Where You Are

Niall’s always been one to keep it all together and hold it all inside. Piece by piece, his world begins to crumble. Afraid and alone, he spends his time in a mix of substance abuse and one-night stands.

Unbeknownst to him, Liam’s scared too. Scared because the one person he loves most in the world is spiraling out of control, and he fears he won’t be able to save him until it’s too late.

Category: Slash(Niam), Drama
Characters: Niall, Liam, OFC
Rated: R
Status: Complete

Chapter 1 – Regrets Unraveling 
Chapter 2 – Fighting To Let You Go
Chapter 3 – Senses Into Overdrive
Chapter 4 – Shattered
Chapter 5 – Time Takes Time
Chapter 6 – Alright, Okay, Fine
Chapter 7 – Playing in the Name of Love
Chapter 8 – Blind Fanatic
Chapter 9 – Nothing Has to Be So Perfect
Chapter 10 – Ain’t Nothing But A Heartache
Chapter 11 – Ain’t Nothing But A Mistake
Chapter 12 – Never Meant to Feel This Way
Chapter 13 – Fallen Angel
Chapter 14 – Silence Is So Loud
Chapter 15 – Half Asleep
Chapter 16 – The Ghost of Yesterday
Chapter 17 – Erase All the Pain
Chapter 18 – Get on With the Show
Chapter 19 – Permanent Stain
Chapter 20 – They Don’t Understand
Chapter 21 – The Sun Will Come Out Again
Chapter 22 – Love Is
Chapter 23 – Last Night You Saved My Life
Chapter 24 – Breathe
Chapter 25 – Come What May


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