Forever Like This

Nick Carter thought that signing twenty-year-old Brittany Cooper to his label was just going to be a smart business decision. But when her life takes a drastic turn and she finds herself with only Nick to turn to, the two bond over their shared need of moving on and growing up.

Unfortunately, the concept is one that neither of them are particularly good at.

(Sequel to I Wish)

Category: Drama, Romance
Characters: Nick
Rated: R
Status: Complete

Chapter 1 – The Same Page
Chapter 2 – The End
Chapter 3 – The Rash Decision
Chapter 4 – The Outsider
Chapter 5 – The Ex-Girlfriend Factor
Chapter 6 – The Age Gap
Chapter 7- The Deck Party
Chapter 8 – The Trending Topics
Chapter 9 – The Truth
Chapter 10 – The Reminders of the Past
Chapter 11 – The New Beginnings
Chapter 12 – The Media Frenzy
Chapter 13 – The Mutual Understanding
Chapter 14 – The First Noel
Chapter 15 – The Family Ties
Chapter 16 – The Spark
Chapter 17 – The RSVP
Chapter 18. The Dorchester
Chapter 19. The Mental Hurdles
Chapter 20. The Chatter
Chapter 21. The London Eye
Chapter 22. The Perfect Moment
Chapter 23. The Push
Chapter 24. The Hit and Miss
Chapter 25. The Morning After
Chapter 26. The Double Booking
Chapter 27. The Comfort Zone
Chapter 28. The Locanda Verde
Chapter 29. The Guilty Conscience
Chapter 30. The Aftermath
Chapter 31. The End of the Road
Chapter 32. The Malibu House
Chapter 33. The Call
Chapter 34. The Core Four
Chapter 35. The Beach
Chapter 36. The Reunion
Chapter 37. The Letter
Chapter 38. The Confession
Chapter 39. The Fatherly Advice
Chapter 40. The Proposal


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