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Where You Are… Complete!

7 Jun

Finally, after over a year, Where You Are is complete and posted in its entirety!

This is always very exciting, because I’m lazy and don’t finish stories that often. But I’ve finished a couple of stories in the past year, so I guess that’s progress than my usual completion count of zero And let’s not even talking about Running up That Hill…

As I did over on 1DFF, I have to thank Jess who helped me outline this. Her feedback during the writing process was fantastic and always helpful. She’s a fantastic beta!

And as I also said, now that Where You Are is complete, marks the end of my “career” on 1DFF. The whole point of creating this site in the first place was so I could get away from that site and a writing culture there that I don’t really agree with. I didn’t think it would be fair to my readers to take off in the middle of a story, however, so now that everything on my profile is complete over there, I’ll stick to posting here, as well as at ao3, since I finally got in on beta (woohoo!)

Finishing a story is always so bittersweet, because of course it’s nice to have finished a project, but it’s also sad to let those characters go after experiencing so much with them. I’ll miss writing about super messed up Niall and his addictions, and poor poor pathetic “just trying to do the right thing” Liam. It really was a fun (and slightly sadistic) story to write. It was also the first story I trotted my ass down to a Starbucks to force myself to work on because I knew that I had to write the three climactic chapters all at once for flow, and I knew I’d never do that unless I removed myself from all the distractions of my apartment.

Where You Are was also my first ever slash story. The idea was born from the song by The Verve Pipe, The Freshmen. The backstory of Niall and Alicia was the story I had first intended to write, but then I thought that the story that came after that would be more interesting… and that there might be some potential for Niall to lean on one of the others for comfort. Of course that’s not how the story ended up really going at all, but that’s how writing is I guess. The plot gets away from you! All in all, I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I hope that those of you who were reading it were happy with it as well.

So now I’ll be working on Fever Pitch. Gooooooaaaaalll! LOL Hopefully it won’t take me until the real World Cup 2014 to complete 😉


Yours Words Are A Symphony / Music That Sings To Me

4 Jun

Just a quick update to say that I updated Where You Are with Chapter 24 – Breathe. Only 1 chapter and the epilogue to go! D:

Last Night You Saaaaaved My Life

1 Jun

Greetings, friends!

It feels weird to have Where You Are finished, but onto the next thing! And the next thing is going to be an AU, which is a stray from what I usually write – I haven’t even really dabbled in AU in BSB fandom. Buuut I had this idea a long time ago and with the recent Where We Are tour announcement and the boys in those footy uniforms, I couldn’t resist!


Yes, it’s a Football AU starring Niall and Liam on the Irish and English national teams. I was going to write a Narry story as my next project, but I’m going with this instead for the time being. It’s still something out of my comfort zone with the AUness and all!

Also, Where You Are has been updated with Chapter 23 – Last Night You Saved My Life.

Where You Are – Love Is

30 May

I actually finished Where You Are today! The first draft of it, anyway. Still need to go through the last few chapters/epilogue and change them up, make edits, add words etc… but it’s done and out of my head and onto the screen! I sort of can’t believe it, I’ve been working on this story for what seems like for ever!

In celebration, the next chapter is posted. Chapter 22 – Love Is.

The Sun Will Come Out Again

28 May

In my fast-paced attempt to finish up Where You Are so I can get moving onto other things, I have posted another chapter!!

The Sun Will Come Out Again

Happy reading!