I Wish – Chapter 1

Thursday, May 24 2012
Fairfax, VA

Niall Horan was just an ordinary boy.

That was what he figured himself as, anyway. A boy who (that day, in fact) was about to embark on a North American concert tour as one fifth of the headliners. He and the rest of his group had been on a whirlwind for the past two years, after having competed on The X Factor and blowing up in the UK.

It certainly wasn’t something he had expected to happen. The fact that he was now sitting on a tour bus getting ready to go on stage in the United States was definitely surreal.

But, aside from all that, he really was just an ordinary boy. He continually told himself that, and more often than not, he told others as well.

Many times his head was in the clouds, lost in his own little world. It wasn’t that he didn’t love being around the others, quite the opposite actually. But there were times when being with the same four boys all the time grew tiresome.

Of course, if there were a girl involved… Well, that would certainly change things. Niall smiled to himself as he sat alone on the bus, silently strumming away at his guitar. Between travelling and being in the public eye all the time, there wasn’t much time for girls (despite the fact he was surrounded by them all the time.)

But a boy could dream, couldn’t he?


Niall looked up, he was so startled that he nearly dropped his guitar. Feeling slightly embarrassed, he nodded at her. “Oh, um, hello,”

The girl only giggled. Her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair seemed to bounce as she stood there in the doorway of the bus. She stepped inside and extended her hand to him. Niall was taken aback just a little, who was this strange girl, and what was she doing on the tour bus? How had she managed to get there? Should he call security? How would he do so with her standing right there?

“I’m Brittany Cooper,” she said sweetly, smiling at him.

Oh, now it all made sense. She was the American singer who was to be the opening act on their tour. He’d heard her name before, but he had yet to meet her. He shuffled a little, moving his guitar out of the way and shook her hand. “Niall Horan,” he said, feeling more at ease.

Again, she giggled. “I know,” she replied, tucking her hair behind her ear.

Right, of course she did. Niall always forgot about the fact that he didn’t need to introduce himself anymore.

And again, just as she had when she’d first shown up, she leaned in the doorway of the bus. “What’re you doing in here by yourself anyway? The rest of the guys are all backstage getting ready for the show.”

Niall shrugged. “Just needed a moment alone I guess.”

She nodded. “Yeah, I get that. I’m really excited though, this is my first tour. I can’t wait to get out on the stage tonight!”

Now there was something he could relate to. “Yeah, I know, I’m excited too.”

“Niall! What are you still doing on the bus?” A voice called out. Brittany looked behind her while Niall stood up. Soon enough, he knew one of the other guys would come looking for him. Sure enough, it was Harry.

“Oh, I see,” Harry said, wiggling his eyebrows in Niall’s direction as he stepped into the door frame where Brittany was standing.

Niall just rolled his eyes, but laughed. “Knock it off Harry, we just met.”

Harry smirked and turned towards Brittany. “Niall’s very charming with the ladies. Was he trying to chat you up? You can tell me.”

Brittany playfully smacked Harry in the chest. “No!”

Harry clutched his hands over top of where she had hit him. “Oi, that hurt!”

Niall shook his head as he went to leave the bus. Now that Brittany had mentioned it, he was feeling that much more excited for the performance that night, and was suddenly itching to get backstage. “You better be careful,” he said to her as he left. “Poor Harry’s so sensitive.”

Brittany raised her eyebrow and looked up at Harry. Harry grinned and opened his mouth at an attempt to say something charming, but before he could, Brittany turned her head and hopped off the bus. “I guess I’d better get going,” she winked. “Oh, and sorry about your chest,” she smirked.

“Right,” Harry replied as he watched her go.


“Great set,” Niall said as Brittany came bouncing off stage.

“Thanks,” she replied breathlessly. “I’ve never played for a crowd that big before. I guess I’ve got you guys to thank for that,” she laughed.

Niall waved her compliment off. “It was nothing, really.”

Brittany laughed and Niall blushed. He had always found American girls to be more forward than the girls at home. But there was something about this girl… she was forward, yes, (after all, she had sought him out on the bus) but she also seemed sweet, mysterious, cheeky…

“Brittany!” Harry called from where he was seated. “Are you going to stay and watch our set?”

Brittany put her hands on her hips. “Maybe… and what do I get if I do?”

“You get to watch our set,” Harry laughed.

Niall raised his eyebrow and looked back at Harry, shaking his head at his friend’s lame attempt to be smooth.

“I guess I could,” she replied with a grin. “But first I’ve got to go get cleaned up. Got to get out of these sweaty stage clothes, you know?” she asked, turning her attention towards Niall again.

Niall only nodded, trying to shake the image of Brittany showering from his head.

As she walked off, Harry stood up and walked over to Niall. “I reckon it’s going to be a fun summer,” he commented with a laugh.

“Uh huh,” was Niall’s only reply as he continued to watch Brittany walk away.


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