I Wish – Chapter 5

Sunday, May 27 2012
New York, NY – Camden, NJ

“Where’s Harry?” Niall asked in exasperation. He was pacing around the lounging area as Louis, Liam and Zayn sat around the TV playing a video game.

“He went out with Brittany,” Zayn replied, not looking away from the screen. “He told us that, remember? He hasn’t been with us all day!”

“Yeah,” he said, peering out the window again. “I know, I just thought we were leaving for Camden soon.”

“Relax Niall,” Liam laughed, holding a spare controller over his head. “Just play the game with us. Harry’s got security with him, they’ll make him come back on time and we’ll be on our way.”

Niall sighed. He couldn’t care less when they left for Camden. He was more interested in how Harry’s day with Brittany went, of course. The fact that he still wasn’t back wasn’t a good sign.

It meant they were probably enjoying themselves. Niall couldn’t say he wouldn’t have been a little pleased if Harry had come back quickly, saying things went horribly and he wanted nothing to do with her.

However, rather than focusing on that, he turned his attention to blowing up the on screen versions of his friends. That always served to release any built up tension.

Niall grinned to himself, thinking he would have to invite Harry for a round when he returned.

Soon enough, Harry did return. The latch clicked and the door swung open.

“Good evening,” Harry beamed, wearing a goofy grin on his face. “What’re you playing?”

“Call of Duty,” Liam replied, not caring to look back. None of them did as Harry sat on the couch behind them.

“So how was your day, then? Did you guys get to see the city at all?”

A unanimous and monotone “yeah,” from the others was the only reply he got.

“Well, don’t you lot want to know how my day was?” Harry pressed.

“Not really,” Liam laughed, still looking at the TV – which had displayed a large explosion. “Good shot Nialler!” he laughed, giving the blonde a high five as the round ended.

Harry shook his head, unamused as the other boys turned around.

“Sorry Harry,” Zayn said with a grin. “How was your date with Brittany?”

“Brilliant,” he said with a grin. “Just brilliant. She showed me all around the city, we went to Central Park, we got to eat different kinds of food, we went up to the top of the Empire State Building, Rockafeller Center…”

This did little to impress the others. they’d also spent the day in the city. “We did a bunch of those things too, Harry,” Louis said, looking around at the rest of the group. “Management took us and showed us around. A wonder we didn’t run into you actually.”

Harry shrugged. “We were never in one place for very long. Oh, and you didn’t do everything that I did. Because I kissed Brittany. Twice.” He held up two fingers, as if to illustrate his point further.

Liam, Louis and Zayn laughed a little and shook their heads. They muttered “Congratulations,” and “Good for you, mate.” Harry was such a ladies man.

Niall, on the other hand, wondered if he could burn a hole through Harry’s head with his eyes if he tried hard enough.


It was a short drive over to Camden. The bus began its journey around midnight, and after a couple more rounds of Call of Duty the boys decided to pack it in and call it a night.

When Niall retreated to his bunk, he found himself staring at the ceiling. If Harry wanted to be with Brittany and gallivant around the city with her, that was fine with him! And if he wanted to kiss her, that was fine with him too.

He rolled over onto his side.

It wasn’t fine.

He wondered what it would have been like to kiss Brittany. Her lips always looked so soft and she always wore some sort of pink gloss that he imagined tasted like strawberries.

He wanted to know just how Harry had gone about kissing her, but he wasn’t about to stroll over to him and ask. He figured Harry had hit her with some line, she’d giggled and he’d just gone and done it. Harry hadn’t told them that she’d slapped him away or anything, so he only assumed that she’d enjoyed it.

Niall rolled over on to his back again and pulled out his phone. He hadn’t been on twitter the entire day as they’d been out sightseeing.

Harry_Styles: beautiful day in NYC! Love the scenery, love the food, and most importantly, love the company x

BrittCooperMusic: enjoying a lovely day in NYC with @Harry_Styles! Look at this! He’s eating a churro! Haha! xoxo Britt [View Photo]

Sure enough, there was a picture attached of Harry, looking quite pleased with himself eating what Brittany had called a “churro.”

Curious what the reaction to that had been, Niall decided to search up Harry’s name on twitter. Sure enough, he had caused quite a stir.

Directioner4Ever: @BrittCooperMusic OMG you’re spending the day with @Harry_Styles?! So jealous! Have fun! x

1Dluv1992: @Harry_Styles srsly… what r u doing with her? gross…

loveharryalways: @BrittCooperMusic stay away from @Harry_Styles!!

niallschickie: @BrittCooperMusic u can keep @Harry_Styles… as long as I still get to have @NiallOfficial, k? 😉

Niall had to laugh at the last one, and sent her a quick reply.

NiallOfficial: @niallschickie thanks sweets. u made my night x

He switched his phone off and rolled over again, closing his eyes. At least he wasn’t the one who had to deal with the backlash. That was something to be thankful for. Besides, it seemed like Harry and Brittany truly had enjoyed their day together.

He knew he would get over her eventually. It was just a little crush, after all.


Niall was walking through the hallways of the hotel in search of a midnight snack. He wandered around looking for a vending machine. He felt sort of like a zombie, walking around in just a t-shirt and boxers, looking for sustenance.

He came up to an inlet that housed the object of his affection. But suddenly, it wasn’t the vending machine he was interested in anymore.

It was Brittany.

She was just standing there, taking a sip of the can of coke on her hands. He tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around, surprised.

“You’re up late, Niall,” she commented.

He didn’t say anything in response. Instead, he just pushed her up against the wall and kissed her roughly. Brittany dropped the can she was holding and it made a cracking noise as it hit the ground. She wrapped her hands around his waist and pulled him in closer to her.

Niall parted his lips and let his tongue explore her mouth. She still tasted sweet from the cola she’d been drinking only moments ago. The sensation on his lips only made him want her more.

Brittany scrunched up the back of his shirt, digging her fingernails into him as he started grinding against her. He was breathing heavily now, not caring that they were in the middle of the hotel hallway where anyone could find them.

One of her hands slowly drifted from its place on his back and slid into his boxers.

He moaned softly against her lips as she touched him. “God, Brittany…”


“Mmph,” Niall mumbled sleepily, still clutching a pillow tightly to his chest, as he had been all night.

“Having a good dream?” Liam laughed as he stood outside of Niall’s bunk.

“What?” Niall turned his head to face Liam.

“We’ve been calling your name for five minutes!”

“Oh,” Niall replied, yawning. “Yeah, I guess I was pretty tired.”

“Well, wake up,” Liam said, closing the curtain of his friend’s bunk and walking away. “We’ve got press and stuff to do.”

Niall rolled over onto his back and, just as he had the night before, stared up at the ceiling. “Right,” he sighed. His mind drifted back to the wonderful dream he’d been so rudely awakened from.

Even his subconscious was against him.


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