Nomination Form

  1. Don’t nominate yourself. If it’s discovered your nomination is for your own story, that nomination will be removed.
  2. Please include the story title and a link as part of your nomination.
  3. Please only nominate a story in a single category. If it fits into more than one, please choose the area you feel this story deserves to win the most. (A story may end up appearing in multiple categories – but when nominating please only place it in one.) Not all categories in the nomination form have to be filled out.
  4. Only nominate one story per category.
  5. Any story is eligible so long as it contains at least one member of One Direction as a character, is a one-shot (a one-shot of any length, but still just one chapter long.) and is posted somewhere online.
  6. Slash stories count the same as any other and should be treated the same as any other fic when nominating.


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