Exploring the touchy-feelyness of One Direction

12 Aug

Despite it being the weekend, I did little to no writing. That sorta sucks.

However, I did come across this glorious ficathon.

You can click the link. I’ll wait. Okay, did you check that out? Isn’t it FANTASTIC? As soon as I saw it and read those prompts my muse went crazy and I wanted to write all of them! I’ve always been interested in exploring unconventional relationships in fic, and even gender and I just have always wanted to play with those themes. I even started a polyamorous Nick Carter fic that has 8 chapters but isn’t posted because I lost where I was going with it.

Anyway. I was very, very excited and I had to try one of these out. So I chose the prompt in which Niall struggles with biromantic feelings and what that means and how normal but not normal his physical relationship is with the rest of the boys.

It’s called Catching Feelings and it’s here. And no pretty banner because I got a new laptop and have yet to install any image editing software. Open Office came first 😉


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