In Pieces – Chapter 15

Ashleigh giggled as Nick whispered in her ear. She was completely and utterly taken by him, oblivious to anyone else. It was the next night, and they were backstage at the arena. This time, instead of sitting in their value priced seats, she and Joey were going to have the luxury of watching the concert from the best seats in the house; backstage with Leighanne and Kristin.

“Nick! Showtime!” Kevin called. Nick’s affair was getting more and more irritating by the minute.

“I gotta go.” Nick winked, giving Ashleigh another kiss before walking over to the other boys. “I’ll see you after.”

Ashleigh eagerly nodded, excited to get to see the show from such a view. “Okay. Good luck, Nick.” She said before taking her seat beside Joey.

Joey grinned with excitement. As worried as she was about Ashleigh, she couldn’t deny the fact that sitting backstage at a Backstreet Boys concert was a dream come true. In fact, things were becoming more surreal every day.

“This is really awesome.” Joey said, turning to Ashleigh. Ashleigh beamed.

“I know! Being a Backstreet girlfriend rocks!” She exclaimed, and it took everything Joey had not to roll her eyes. If Ashleigh could go five minutes without making mention of the fact that she was sleeping with Nick, she would have considered it a miracle.

Still, it was pretty cool. Joey nearly felt the ground shake underneath her as the pyrotechnics exploded and the boys appeared on stage. She felt Ashleigh hug her tightly. At least her friend was happy, she figured. For the time being, anyway. She really hoped that she was being too critical of Nick. Maybe AJ and Howie had been wrong. Maybe he really did like her.

“You guys must love this.” Ashleigh gushed, turning to Leighanne and Kristin.

The two of them just shrugged and exchanged a glance. It wasn’t really exciting for them anymore, just routine. “I guess so.” Kristin shrugged. She’d just arrived that day, and had heard all about Nick’s guests. However, this was the first time she’d talked to them.

“I guess after you’ve been to as many concerts as you guys have, you get used to it.” Joey said, and Leighanne nodded. She was beginning to warm up to Joey a little, but Ashleigh was still a mystery to her.

“Yeah exactly. That doesn’t mean it’s not fun though.” She smiled.

The girls quietly watched the rest of the show, occasionally making a comment to one of the others. Before they had a chance to think, they were being whisked away to their respective boys busses.

“Great show, Nick.” Ashleigh said once they were back on his bus. They were departing right away for Buffalo as the boys had a show there the next day.

Soon they were on their way to Buffalo, and once again Joey and Ashleigh were in the car. The car that had once been their prized possession was quickly becoming a nuisance as they had to take it with them everywhere they went. Causing Ashleigh to pout for most of every trip.

They drove for about an hour and a half, before they noticed that the five large busses in front of them were parked on the side of the road. Glancing at each other, Joey quickly pulled over as well to see what was going on.

“What’s up?” Joey asked, as she walked over to the five guys that were standing in a circle on the grass beside the road.

“Nicky’s bus is broken.” Howie said, glaring in Nick’s direction.

“It’s not my fault!” Nick exclaimed. “Don’t give me that look!!” He said, running and pretending to hide behind Ashleigh.

Ashleigh lit up at this news. Nick’s bus was broken, which meant that it had to be fixed, which meant that they were stuck here for a little while! “So…how long is it going to take to fix?” She asked innocently.

“A couple of hours.” Kevin said sighing. “And no, you cannot be on the bus while it’s being fixed.” He finished, knowing that Nick was already getting ideas.

“That’s okay girls!” AJ piped up, walking towards his own bus. “We’ll party on my bus while we wait. It’ll be fun.”

Ashleigh looked up at Nick with anticipation. Nick sighed, he figured he didn’t really have a choice since he couldn’t sleep on his bus. “Yeah, cool.” He said, taking Ashleigh’s hand and following AJ.

“So? Should we play some sort of game?” Howie asked, once he, AJ, Joey, Ashleigh and Nick were settled in.

“Let’s play I’ve Never.” Joey suggested, knowing that this would be a fun opportunity to embarrass Ashleigh. “And we’re in Canada! So it’s legal for us to drink!” She called to AJ, as he went to fetch drinks for the five of them.

Passing drinks to everyone, AJ sat back down on the couch beside Joey. “Does everyone know how to play?” He asked, and Nick and Howie shook their heads. “Basically we go around in a circle, and say something we’ve never done. If you have done it, you take a drink.” He explained.

“Yeah, I don’t want to play this game anymore…” Nick said, sensing that this was going to be perfect opportunity for AJ and Howie to make fun of him.

“Too late Nick.” Joey laughed. “I’ll start. I’ve never had sex with a Backstreet Boy.”

Of course, Ashleigh giggled and took a drink.

“Does it count if you are a Backstreet Boy?” Howie asked, and Joey gave him a strange look.

“Really, really don’t want to know!” She laughed. “Your turn, Ash.”

Ashleigh shrugged. She didn’t really know what to say. “I’ve never been to Florida.” She said.

Nick, Howie and AJ drank.

“I’ve never had sex with a Russian girl…in Russia.” Nick smirked.

AJ gave Nick the finger as he drank.

Howie laughed, and then realized it was his turn. “I’ve never done it while playing video games.”

Nick turned red as he drank. “Screw you, D.” He said when he was done.

Ashleigh giggled. “Is that even possible?”

“Well…you kind of have to devote your attention to one thing or the other…” Nick explained, turning redder still. He knew this game was a bad idea.

They continued to play, AJ and Howie deliberately saying things for the purpose of making fun of Nick. By the time Nick’s bus was fixed, Ashleigh had already fallen asleep on the floor. By the time they finally arrived in Buffalo, everyone was exhausted from the trip. Once they checked into the hotel, Ashleigh and Nick fell asleep beside each other without even so much as a kiss.


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