In Pieces – Chapter 5

Ashleigh giggled nervously as she and Nick stepped out of the taxi and into the lobby of the hotel. The entire ride from the club had been a blur, Nick had been hungrily kissing her and she hadn’t exactly been pushing him away.

Now, they were walking through the hotel, waiting impatiently for the elevator. Nick’s arm wrapped around her, holding her tightly to his body. She shivered as he kissed her again, lost in this world where only she and Nick existed. It was unlike her to be so rash, but then again this was Nick Carter. Evidently, all caution was thrown to the wind when it came to him.

The elevator doors opened in front of them and they stepped inside, Nick pressing the button to his floor and then turning his attention back to the blushing girl.

He smirked. She really was too much. Her face was flushed, and she batted her eyelashes flirtatiously. She had innocence about her; a quality that most fans that made it back to his hotel room did not posses. He leaned in to kiss her again, and she hopped up on the railing. Nick smiled through their kisses, the way she carried herself was certainly unique.

Finally they reached his floor. Ashleigh quickly followed behind Nick, and couldn’t help but feel suddenly very awkward. She was about to go into his hotel room, what they were going to do exactly, she didn’t know… but she had an idea.

Her suspicions were confirmed when Nick opened the door. As soon as they were in the room Nick pushed her up against the wall and kissed her forcefully.

Ashleigh’s mind raced, instantly feeling nervous. What was she doing here? Where was Joey? Why had she been so stupid as to leave the club with Nick? Still, she didn’t stop him. A fantasy that had been hers for the past four years was finally coming to life. She wasn’t about to let fear get the better of her.

Nick kicked off his shoes and ran his hands over Ashleigh’s back. Moving his lips from her mouth, he moved down to kiss her neck.

There was that nervousness again.

Giving her a seductive look, Nick pulled away from her. She took a quick breath and looked down at the floor, instantly wishing she had been able to drink at the club. Sure that would have made this easier.

Skilled in the art of seduction, she was. But she’d never made it quite this far. Looking up at Nick she grinned cheekily and kissed his lips softly. “Nice doorway.” She commented.

Nick smirked, taking that as a sign that she wanted to move further into the room. Not wasting any time, he led her over to the queen sized bed, which was dressed with black sheets. Beginning to kiss him again, he picked up her up and pushed her down onto the bed. Ashleigh giggled, secretly glad Nick was taking a dominating role in this, because she had no idea what she was supposed to do.

Pulling Nick down on top of her, she slid her hands up his shirt, untucking it from the depths of his tan coloured pants.

Sitting up, she unbuttoned it, one by one, painfully slowly, making Nick ache for more.

Eventually the shirt was lazily tossed aside. Ashleigh ran her fingers over Nick’s chest, and instantly felt giddy. He wasn’t one to take his shirt off on stage, so it was something that she’d rarely seen.

Instantly feeling a little more adventurous, Ashleigh reached down and started to undo the button of his pants. Before she had the chance however, Nick’s placed his hands on hers to stop her.

“Now that’s not fair.” He said, a naughty gleam in his eye.

Knowing now, that to finish undressing Nick she too was going to have to take her clothes off, she swiftly pulled her tank top over her head and threw it on top of Nick’s shirt.

“Fair?” She asked.

“Mmmhmm…” Nick murmured as he began to kiss her bare chest. Since her tank top had a built in bra, Ashleigh hadn’t been wearing one.

Ashleigh moaned softly as Nick caressed her breasts. This wasn’t anything like she could have imagined it, Nick certainly knew what he was doing. Reaching for Nick’s pants, she attempted for a second time to undo them. This time, he didn’t stop her.

Crawling out of his pants, Nick ginned at Ashleigh. Sitting on his knees, he flipped her up and pulled her skirt off. And, giving her another signature cocky grin, he pulled off her panties as well.

Normally, Ashleigh would be feeling incredibly shy and self conscious. But Nick was doing a good job at making her feel comfortable. Either that, or she was so pumped full of adrenaline that she didn’t care. He’d chosen her to take back to his room; that had to mean something.

Pulling Nick back down on top of her, she sighed as she felt his body pressed against hers. The only thing between them now was Nick’s cotton boxers. Even still, she could feel his hardness against her and it excited her to no end.

She ran her hands along the elastic band of his underwear. Cautiously, she slipped a hand inside. Gripping her hand around him, she bit her bottom lip, hoping it looked like she knew what she was doing.

Clearly, Nick seemed to enjoy it. He moaned, still kissing her. “Damn, girl.” He said huskily.

“You wanna get rid of those?” She asked softly, and Nick quickly nodded, pulling his boxers off.

Ashleigh took a deep breath as she eyed him. Never in a million years had she thought that she’d be naked in bed with Nick Carter. Dreams yes, but she’d never thought it would actually turn into a reality.

Balancing himself on his knees again, Nick fumbled around in his backpack which was right beside the bed. As he searched for condoms, Ashleigh had another idea in mind.

Softly kissing the tip of him, she took a deep breath and took him in her mouth.

“Holy fuck.” Nick breathed, having not expected her to do that. Usually the girls he brought back just waited for him to have sex with them, rarely, if ever did they engage in any sort of foreplay.

He placed his hands on top of her head, and she swirled her tongue around him. “Oh my God, Ash…” He moaned, impressed with himself for managing to remember her name.

She continued to suck him, enjoying every second she was with him. If she was going to be with Nick she wanted to make her time last.

“God Ashleigh, I can’t take it anymore.” Nick said, gently pushing her off of him. As Nick quickly ripped the condom open and slipped it on himself, she licked her lips and gave him a cute smile.

It one swift motion, Nick pushed her back down onto the bed and slid himself into her. Ashleigh nearly choked on her breath as she felt pangs of pain throughout her body. She felt a couple of tears spring to her eyes but dismissed them, as she wanted Nick to think she was more than experienced.

Luckily, he gave her a couple of seconds to adjust to him. Then he pulled out and forcefully thrust himself back into her. Ashleigh ran her hands through his hair as the initial pain subsided. Nick moaned, kissing her neck. “You’re so tight.” He murmured into her skin.

Gradually, Nick quickened his pace and soon they were moving rhythmically against each other. “Nick…” Ashleigh breathed softly as he sent pleasure running throughout her body.

Nick moved faster still, driving himself harder into her with each thrust. Ashleigh wrapped her legs around his waist and nearly bit down on his shoulder as he moved against her. Every feeling was a new sensation to her, and she wasn’t sure she was going to be able to hold on much longer before release.

Nick kissed her forcefully, and that sent her over the edge. “Nick, I’m going to…” She moaned, digging her nails into his back as she tightened around him.

“Me too babe…” He said as he felt her close around him. “Feels…so…good…” He groaned as he exploded.

For a split second, once they had both reached their climax they stared at each other, as if they didn’t know what to do or say from here. Ashleigh felt her heart beat faster in her chest, here was Nick Carter, looking at her, breathing over her, sweating with her…

The moment didn’t last long. Nick quickly rolled off of her and disposed of the condom in the trash can beside the bed. “Good?” He asked her, giving her a cheeky grin.

She nodded, pulling the covers up around her chest. “The best.” She said quietly.

Nick chuckled as he slid under the sheets as well. “That’s what they all say.” He replied with a cocky grin.

Ashleigh laughed nervously, unsure of what she was supposed to say. The lamp beside the bed provided a dim glow, and made her feel comfortable. As if this were some sort of romantic evening. “Nick?” She said slowly, and he turned to look at her. “You’re all covered in glitter.” She giggled.

Nick looked down at his chest, and studied his hands for a moment. He laughed. “I guess I am.” He said, smiling at her. Turning off the light, he rolled over onto his side, facing away from her. “Goodnight Ashleigh.” He mumbled, before drifting off to sleep.

“Night, Nick.” Ashleigh replied, slipping further down into the depths of the dark sheets. Anything but sleep was on her mind, as she stared at Nick’s head poking out from underneath the covers. How surreal this entire night had been. That evening she’d been in the nosebleed section watching him from afar. And now here he was in all his glory, living, breathing, right beside her.

She sighed happily, Joey was going to freak when she heard about this.


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