In Pieces – Chapter 9

Ashleigh and Joey approached the Fleet Centre that night earlier than usual. After taking a shower and making sure her hair, clothes and makeup looked perfect, Ashleigh had whisked Joey out of the hotel room. For a concert that started at seven, they were much earlier than needed.

It was four o’clock.

“This is stupid, Ash.” Joey commented as the girls walked around the empty concert venue. “You think they’re just going to let us walk in on their rehearsal?” She asked, pondering for the 50th time that afternoon why she had let Ashleigh talk her into this.

“Of course not.” Ashleigh replied, looking at Joey as if she were insane. “We’re going to wait for the scalpers so we can have first dibs!” She said, as if it were obvious.

Joey glared at Ashleigh. If waiting for Nick Carter to come sweep her off her feet had been a crazy idea, this was even more excessive. Did Ashleigh even have any idea how much those tickets were going to cost them? She didn’t have money like that!

Ashleigh just grinned over at her friend. If she could manage to get into the front row, surely Nick would recognize her. If he recognized her then he would surely have questions for her. She could picture it now…

“Why did you leave my room so quickly?” Nick would ask her, sweat dripping from his brow.

Ashleigh would giggle, as she twirled a piece of her hair. “I needed to know that you wanted me for more than one night.” She would say, a pout lingering on her lips.

Nick would pull her into his arms and give her a deep kiss. They wouldn’t be able to keep their hands off each other. “I want you forever.” He would reply, his breathing heavy, his hands shaking. He would kiss her again, this time softer, with more emotion than the last time.

She would run her hands through his hair, not caring that it was sopping wet. “I love you, Nick.” She would whisper.

“I love you too Ashleigh.” He would reply, before kissing her again…

“Ashleigh!” Joey snapped, bringing Ashleigh back from her fantasy.

“Huh?” She asked, still breath taken by her thoughts of Nick. How long had they been sitting there for?

“People are starting to crowd around outside.” Joey said, pointing to the growing entourage of Backstreet Boys fans. “We should get out of here before they kick us out.” She advised, and Ashleigh nodded.

Once the exited the building,, Ashleigh noticed a couple of men. They were obviously selling tickets. Or, attempting to. No one was really paying much attention to them.

“Just a sec, Joe.” Ashleigh said, walking over to them.

Before Joey could protest, Ashleigh was already gone.

“Good Lord.” Joey muttered to herself. She’d known ever since they were 14 that Ashleigh had had a crush on Nick Carter. But this was really starting to push it…

Joey perked up as Ashleigh went walking past her at a quick pace. “Ash! What are you doing?” She asked, following her friend.

“Going to the ATM.” Ashleigh said simply. She didn’t slow down at all until she stopped in front of the bank machine. Once there, she fumbled around in her purse until she pulled out her credit card.

Before she could put it into the machine, Joey snatched the card out of her friend’s hand. “You’re insane.” She said.

Ashleigh rolled her eyes. “It’ll be worth it when I’m married to Nick Carter.” She replied, taking back her card and proceeding to withdraw money from the machine.

Joey didn’t even bother to refute that comment, as she knew there was no use. “You know taking cash out from your credit card is probably the worst thing you can do, right? They start charging interest on that right away!” She exclaimed, not believing what Ashleigh was doing.

However, Ashleigh just ignored Joey and continued to walk back towards the scalpers. “As long as we get on the floor Joe. That’s all I care about.” She said with a grin on her face.

Joey clapped her hands over her face. Ashleigh obviously didn’t realize how irrational she was being. “I don’t even want to know how much you paid for those.” She muttered, as the two of them walked back into the now crowded arena.

Ashleigh giggled, waving the tickets in front of her friends face. “Second fucking row.” She said, her voice giddy.

Joey cracked a small smile. “That is pretty cool.” She said, starting to get just a little bit excited. Ashleigh had most certainly run herself into debt, but they may as well have fun while it lasted.

Ashleigh put her arm around her friend. She knew Joey didn’t approve of this at all, but what did it matter? After tonight, she’d be thanking her for the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile, the five Backstreet Boys were backstage getting prepared to go out on stage.

“You’re acting retarded, Nick.” AJ said as they sat in their dressing room.

“Fuck off, J.” Nick shot back, not bothering to look over at him.

“You can’t possibly be serious. Some girl walks out on you and your first thought is ‘I hope she’s here tonight so I can fuck her again’?” AJ replied, rolling his eyes.

“I said, fuck off.” Nick replied, this time glaring at AJ.

AJ didn’t seem fazed by Nick’s obvious lack of common sense. “Whatever Nicky.”

“It is a little rash, Nick.” Brian tried, a look of concern on his face. He and Nick had been best friends, but lately they’d hardly talked at all.

“Says Mr. Wallace.” Nick replied irritably.

Brian raised his eyebrows. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Nick ran his hands through his hair, causing his stylist to shriek and begin applying more gel. Nick dismissed this and stared at Brian. “It means that you’re too wrapped up in your own relationship to give a crap about anyone else’s.” He said coldly. They were really starting to piss him off. Was there a new rule he hadn’t heard about stating that every one night stand had to stay a one night stand?

AJ laughed. “This is hardly a relationship, Nick. She walked out on you! She probably didn’t even care that you were ‘OHMYGOD Nick Carter!!’” He laughed again. “I doubt you’ll find her here.”

“Even if she was here, you’d never find her.” Brian reasoned, ignoring Nick’s previous comment.

Nick didn’t answer. He refused to believe that she didn’t care who he was. That she could possibly have not been a fan.

No, because she’d been tongue tied when he’d first approached her. She had to be a fan…so then why had she left him? Had he not been good? No, that couldn’t be it. Could it? Was he losing his touch?

Nick dismissed his thoughts for the time being. He would deal with them, and the other guys after the show.

No matter how many times Ashleigh and Joey had seen the Backstreet Boys live, the beginning of the show was always exciting. The energy throughout the crowd was always high, and the first glimpse they got of the boys always made them shriek with delight.

This time however, was a little different. They were standing on the floor, as close to the stage as they had ever been before. While Ashleigh had been much closer to Nick the night before, this was something else. She’d slept with Nick last night, and now here she was, second row.

If the fans up in the stands knew, surely they would want her dead.

As the show started, Ashleigh beamed. She and Joey screamed along with the rest of the crowd. The lights dimmed, the pyrotechnics exploded.

And they were on stage. Right in front of them.

Nick took a quick second to survey the crowd. No where. He mentally cursed himself, perhaps Brian was right. Even if she was here, he’d have no luck in finding her in the hordes of fans.

Or would he? Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a blonde girl, standing closely with a brunette. They were grinning ear to ear. Nick couldn’t watch for long, as the first song was starting.

Ashleigh noticed Nick glance at her. How could she not? Her eyes didn’t leave him the entire time he was on the stage.

It wasn’t until the next song that Nick had a chance to search for her again. Sure enough, there she was, standing right next to her friend, singing along with every word.

The next time Nick looked at her, he kept his eyes on her for more than a split second. Ashleigh didn’t waste any time. The second that Nick looked at her, she blew him a quick kiss and winked at him.

That sealed it. Her cute pout, her seductive smile. After the show, she was going to be his.

Once the lights came back on, Ashleigh sat back down in her seat. “Did you see that?” She squealed, turning to Joey. “He looked right at me. I’m sure of it.”

Joey smiled. She had to admit, she had noticed Nick peek in their direction a number of times. “Yeah, I saw.” She grinned, happy for her friend. Maybe Ashleigh hadn’t been so far off after all.

While Ashleigh and Joey lingered around in their seats, Nick nearly ran offstage to his bodyguard, Bruce.

“Get that girl.” He said, stopping for a moment to catch his breath. “Bring her to my bus.” He nearly choked out as they ran to the parking lot.

“What girl?” Bruce asked, putting his hand on Nick’s shoulder as they continued to walk.

“That…one!” Nick nearly shouted. “She has blonde hair… it’s really long. Like, ridiculously long. She’s wearing this little black thing. She’s got a friend, she’s got brown hair. Her name is Ashleigh.” Nick said all in one breath.

Bruce shook his head. “I’m not getting some groupie for you, Nicky.”

Nick turned around, immensely annoyed. What was with everyone being against him today? “Go!” He shouted, running over to his bus. “I’m not leaving here without her.” He called.

So, as the two girls started to make their way out of the arena Bruce had to run back to try and find the one Nick had described.

It wasn’t difficult. The two of them were among the last to leave, as they usually were. Feeling a large hand on her shoulder, Ashleigh spun around.

“What’s your name, love?” Bruce asked, hoping that she would give the right answer. He knew that if didn’t bring her back, Nick was going to pitch a fit.

“Ashleigh.” She responded quietly, not really knowing what was going on.

“Nick requests your presence on his bus.” Bruce said, sounding bored.

Ashleigh’s eyes widened and she gave Joey a look. “Really?” She said in disbelief.

“Yes Ma’am” He replied.

“Her too?” Ashleigh asked, nudging Joey. She was still somewhat in shock. Part of her hadn’t expected this to work.

“He said he wouldn’t leave without you.”

Ashleigh nearly started hyperventilating. “Oh God. Okay. Let’s go, Joe.” Ashleigh said, pulling her friend along as she followed Bruce.

Nick had asked specifically for her. The night before, she’d been some girl in a club. Now, he was asking for her by name. Definitely surreal.

“I cannot believe you were right.” Joey said, absolutely astonished. There was no way she would have expected Ashleigh’s crazy ideas to turn into a reality. Not in a million years.

The girls were escorted into Nick’s bus shortly thereafter. Nick, wanting to be left alone with Ashleigh had phoned AJ and pleaded with him to look after Joey. After telling Nick that “he owed him one” AJ obliged and soon, Nick and Ashleigh were left to their own devices.

Face to face, yet again.

Nick walked towards Ashleigh, a smile playing on his lips. “You left without saying goodbye.” His face inching towards hers.

Trying to think of something witty, Ashleigh kissed his lips quickly. “I had to keep you thinking about me.” She smirked.

Nick kissed her yet again, letting his tongue explore her mouth. He pressed his body up against hers. Ashleigh giggled, moving her kisses down to his neck. She nearly had to stand on her tip toes to reach that high.

“You’re fucking adorable, you know that?” Nick said as she continued to kiss him.

Ashleigh grinned and soon, they were partially clothed on the floor on the bus. The two of them were kissing and touching each other as though they were old lovers who hadn’t seen each other in years.

Until the bus came to a screeching halt.

Nick shook his head, putting on his own shirt and tossing Ashleigh hers. “We’d better get going, or Kevin will be on my ass.”

Sure enough, Kevin was knocking on the door almost as soon as they had stopped in front of the hotel. Grinning, Nick and Ashleigh exited the bus.

“What the…?” Kevin started, looking in Ashleigh’s direction.

Nick put his arm around her. “Hey Kev.” He said, walking towards the hotel.

“Hi Kevin.” Ashleigh giggled, somewhat in shock. In all her excitement over Nick, she’d nearly forgotten about the other Backstreet Boys.

Kevin could only stare as Nick and what he assumed to be the fan Nick had been talking about earlier stepped inside the hotel.

That is, until AJ approached him with another surprise.

“You too?” Kevin asked sharply, glaring at him.

“Not really.” AJ replied. “She’s Nick’s girl’s friend.” He explained.

Kevin just nodded. What was Nick up to exactly?

As soon as they had stepped into Nick’s hotel room, he declared that he needed a shower. Ashleigh, ever the seductress had joined him.

Now, as the warm water ran over their bodies, Ashleigh sent small kisses down Nick’s chest, over his torso and before long she took him in her mouth. Nick breathed heavily, placing his hand on the side of the shower wall for support. This definitely made the impending lecture from Kevin worth it.

Ashleigh flicked her tongue against his tip and she continued to suck on him. Nick moaned, unable to contain himself. He lifted Ashleigh up and pushed her against the shower wall. With her arms around his neck and legs wrapped around his waist he guided himself into her, causing her to gasp with pleasure.

Slow and gentle at first, Nick gradually became rougher as the shower sprayed against his back. He pursed his lips together as ecstasy overtook his body. “Ash…” He moaned softly, enjoying the feeling of her skin against his.

“Nicky…” Ashleigh breathed as she climaxed. She tightened around Nick, sending him over the edge.

The two of them smiled a little as they stood there for a moment. They were lost in a world that contained just the two of them. A world where all they could think about was each other. 


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