Left and Leaving – Chapter 5

“I hate him!” Camille sobbed as she sat on the couch in Chris’s apartment. As per the usual, she ran to the arms of a friend whenever she was upset about something. She didn’t particularly feel like going to complain to Brittany, as she’d just recently gotten engaged. Camille didn’t feel as though she really wanted to talk with her about her problems with Nick because of that fact.

So, she’d decided on Chris. He knew Nick as well as (or possibly better than) Camille did. If anyone could explain to her what was going on in Nick’s head, he could.

“You don’t hate him.” Chris said with a sigh, watching as Camille sat with her head in between her knees.

“Yes I do!” She spat, still hugging her knees to her chest. How could Nick do something like this to her? She wanted to say that it was unlike him to be so rash and uncaring, but in reality that wasn’t true. While Nick hadn’t ever done anything of this magnitude before, it wasn’t completely unheard of.

Chris rolled his eyes. As much as Camille stated that he despised Nick and no longer wanted anything to do with him, he knew that she was only upset. Of course the thing that was making her upset was the fact that she was hopelessly in love with Nick, and it seemed as though it was only one sided. “You’re just mad at him.”

“Well obviously I’m mad at him!” She said through her tears. “He’s making us move!”

“Nothing says you have to move.” Chris tried to reason with her.

“Everything says I have to move!” She shot back. “I have no money, so I either go back to Boston, or I go to LA with Nick. Either way, I can’t stay in Florida. But I can’t leave Florida because the school year just started. Basically, I’m fucked.” She complained, glaring at Chris. Not that it was his fault at all, but he was in the closest proximity at the moment.

“Well, why don’t you think about getting a roommate?” Chris asked her. He had to admit, he felt sorry for her. She really didn’t deserve what Nick was putting her through. Nick should have told her they were going to move before she’d started school.

“With what money?” She snapped. “I’m taking six courses, Chris. I have like, no time to get a job.” Camille sighed. Her situation with Nick had been more than ideal.

Chris thought about that for a moment. Camille was doing well in all her classes, he didn’t want her to throw away all of that on account of Nick’s stupidity. “You could move in here with me.” He offered.

Camille considered that for a second. She liked hanging out with Chris, and his solution did make sense. “I can’t pay you rent.” She said.

Chris shrugged. “That’s fine. It’s not going to cost me any more to have you here.”

Camille gulped. She didn’t know how well Nick would take to the fact that she was going to move in with another guy. Especially since Nick had assumed that she would be joining him in LA. “Yeah…um okay.” She agreed.

Chris nodded and patted her on the back. “See? Now things aren’t so bad, are they?”

Camille gave him a slight nod. While they had solved the problem of her staying in Florida for the time being, that still didn’t change the fact that Nick was leaving. She sighed, that in itself was another problem entirely.

An hour or so later, after Camille managed to compose herself she and Chris made their way back to Nick’s place. She had to admit, she was feeling a little better about the whole situation. She now had one problem solved.

As the entered the house, they were greeted with Nick staring blankly at the TV screen. Though, he didn’t so much greet them as he only gave a slight nod in their direction. Still, Chris and Camille joined Nick in the living room.

“I think I might have an answer to your problem.” Chris said, though Nick was ignoring their presence.

Camille bit her bottom lip, worried about Nick’s reaction.

Chris continued. “Camille will stay with me.”

Nick thought about that for a moment. Chris and Camille were good friends, and it would probably be best for her to stay in Florida to finish her schooling. Besides, Chris was his best friend, and if he trusted him. He’d definitely make sure Camille was taken care of. “That’s actually a really good idea.”

Camille was somewhat shocked at Nick’s reaction. She wasn’t sure how he was going to take that, but she certainly hadn’t expected him to warm up to the idea so quickly. “Really?” She asked in disbelief.

Nick nodded. It made sense to him, problem solved. After all, it was what she wanted, wasn’t it? “Yeah, of course.”

Camille forced a smile. She wasn’t sure why she wasn’t thrilled Nick wasn’t upset about the whole thing. Perhaps it was because he wasn’t seeing the fact that they were no longer going to live together, and that he was going to live across the country. “I guess I’m not going to go with you to LA then…”

Nicks shrugged. Judging from her reaction earlier that day, he hadn’t really expected her to move with him. She hadn’t seemed at all enthralled by the idea. “I guess not.”

Somehow, his statement made her a little sad. He didn’t seem to care at all that he was leaving her. He wasn’t getting jealous about her moving in with another guy, and he didn’t appear as though he was going to miss her at all.

Chris left shortly thereafter, leaving Nick and Camille to discuss the current situation at hand. Nick couldn’t really be bothered, as he figured it was a done deal. Camille was moving in with Chris, and he was moving to California. It seemed to be the best plan for everyone involved.

“So, when are you leaving?” Camille asked slowly. She didn’t really want to start an argument, however she did want to get everything out in the open.

“I don’t know, a few weeks.” Nick replied. He was still looking absentmindedly at the TV.

Camille sighed. Nick wasn’t even willing to talk about the status of their relationship, so what was the point in trying any longer? Still, she pressed on. “I guess after that we won’t see each other for a while.” She said sadly.

“You can always come visit me on weekends.” Nick said, hoping that would make her feel a little better.

She shrugged. “It’s not really the same though. I kind of got used to seeing you everyday.”

That struck a nerve with Nick. If she was so upset about him leaving, then why couldn’t she just join him? The fact that she had school didn’t seem to matter to her as much as the fact that he was moving away. “Well, you’re the one that choosing to stay here.” He said angrily.

“Because I need to finish this semester!” Camille exclaimed, annoyed that she’d been right. Her innocent question had turned into an argument, just as she had predicted. “You think I want you to leave?”

“I’m not having this fight with you again.” Nick said, standing up. “You can come find me when you’re ready to make this work.” With that, he left the room and headed upstairs.

Camille was seething. From her perspective, she was the one that was putting the most effort into the relationship. How dare Nick say something like that to her! She hated the fact that lately, everything was turning into a fight for them. How were they going to managed when he was hundreds of miles away?


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