Left and Leaving – Chapter 9

The weekend went by rather quickly. All of Saturday was spent loading boxes into a truck to be taken to Nick’s new home to LA, as well as moving Camille’s things to Chris’s apartment.

Once the house was empty, Nick and Camille spent Saturday evening alone in the house together. It was somewhat romantic, being all by themselves in a big empty mansion. The spent the evening eating dinner (on the floor because all the furniture was gone) and lounging around the beach.

When Sunday night finally rolled around, Camille could feel a sense of dread. She kept looking at the clock and thinking “At this time tomorrow, he’ll be gone.” It really put a damper on their last night together. Not that it could have been that exciting, as Nick was staying at Chris’s place until he flew out.

“Are you excited about doing another CD?” Camille asked Nick, a tone of bitterness in her voice. She didn’t know why she felt so angry with him, it wasn’t his fault that he and the others wanted to further their careers. Besides, she’d known quite well that their break was only temporary and they would be going back into the studio. Nick had mentioned that a number of times.

“Yeah.” Nick replied with a small smile. He could tell that Camille was upset, and the last thing he wanted to do was fight with her. He had a long day ahead of him, and didn’t want to deal with that kind of unnecessary stress.

“Do you think the others are excited too?” She asked, wanting to talk with Nick but not really sure what she should say. Other than begging him to stay, of course.

“I don’t know.” Nick admitted. Kevin had seemed happy about it on the phone, but he wasn’t sure about the others. Especially Brian, who had become quite the family man over the past few years. “I hope so.”

Camille sighed, and swung her legs over Nick’s lap. The two of them were going to be alone for all of thirty minutes while Chris ran out to pick up dinner. She leaned into kiss him, and he responded eagerly. But when she tried to pull him down on top of her, he quickly backed off.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” He muttered, running a hand through his hair. Though he definitely didn’t want to stop, he didn’t think it was right to be sleeping with his girlfriend in his best friend’s apartment.

Camille pouted. This was the last time they were going to see each other until her semester was over. Nick didn’t seem to understand that, or at the very least he didn’t seem to care. “But Nick…” She whimpered, pulling him in for a kiss again.

Nick sighed. “I can’t. It’d just be too weird. What if Chris comes back?”

Camille rolled her eyes. Chris had just left, and she was sure there was enough time for at least a quickie. Besides, they were in her room! Technically, she was living there, so what did it really matter? “So?”

“I just don’t want him to walk in on anything…” Nick trailed off, not really wanting to have this awkward conversation. He wanted to enjoy his last evening of freedom, before Kevin put him to work again.

Camille rolled her eyes. Nick’s excuse wasn’t exactly concrete. “I’m pretty sure Chris knows that we’ve had sex.”

Nick scoffed. “Yeah, well I’m pretty sure I don’t need him to hear it.”

Camille just stayed silent for a moment. She really wasn’t in the mood to fight with Nick, especially since his flight was leaving in…fourteen hours. She sighed, and accepted defeat. “Fine.”

Nick hated that. That answer that girls gave when they wanted you to think everything was okay, but it really wasn’t. That pleasing fake answer that would only come back to bite him in the ass later. “Look, you think that I don’t want to? I just find it really, really awkward to do it in Chris’s apartment!”

“I said it was fine.” She replied sweetly.

Nick took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. “Don’t pull this with me, Cam. Not before I go.”

She gave him a look. Somehow, it was easier for her to be angry with him. That way, it was easier for her to accept the fact that he was leaving. If she’d been happy with him, it would have made things worse. Still, she didn’t want to fight with him either. Better for him to leave on a good note than a sour one. “I’m sorry, Nick.” She said, giving him a hug. She swallowed, trying to fight back the tears that threatened to spill over at any moment. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He replied softly, kissing the top of her head. Though, her getting overly upset wasn’t much better than her being angry with him. Why couldn’t she just relax and enjoy their last evening instead of making it overly dramatic?

Still, Nick held her while she clung to him and cried. For the entire time Chris was gone, it was the same thing. Camille would cry, she would ask Nick to stay, he would tell her that she knew he couldn’t, and then she would start to cry again. Nick had to say, he was quite relieved when he heard Chris walk through the door. Somehow, his presence always managed to cheer Camille up.

“Hey guys?” Chris called as he set the food down on the kitchen table.

“In here.” Nick replied. Camille pulled away from him, wiping her eyes. Maybe some of the Chinese food Chris had brought back would make her feel better.

Chris hesitated before pushing the door open to Camille’s room. “Are you guys clothed?” He asked cautiously.

Nick rolled his eyes and got up from the bed. Camille immediately followed him. “Yes.” Nick said with a laugh, pushing past his friend and heading to the kitchen. “Kick ass, I’m starving.” He said, grabbing a plate out of the cupboard and promptly opening all the containers.

“Me too.” Camille mumbled to herself, as she watched Nick pile food on to his plate.

Chris offered Camille a smile. “You doing okay?” He asked.

She nodded, put the frown didn’t leave her face. “Yeah.” She lied. She really didn’t want to talk about the issue anymore. For now, all she wanted to do was eat dinner with her roommate and boyfriend. She would deal with the issue of Nick leaving her the next morning.


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