Left and Leaving – Prologue

So tell me nothing matters less or more
Say whatever we think actions are
We’ll never know what anything was for
If near is just as far away as far
And I’m permitted one act I can save
I choose to sit here next to you and wave

-The Weakerthans “Manifest”

“In LA for a year?” Nick Carter asked as he sat down in his plush office chair. He ran a hand through his blonde hair. He was staring out the window of his home in Tampa, Florida. Holding his cell phone to his ear, he spoke to his band mate on the other end, Kevin Richardson.

“Yeah.” Kevin replied. “We’ll record the new album and maybe do some promotional shows. The bulk of it will be done in LA though.”

Nick nodded, looking around the walls of his office. After being on a two year hiatus, the Backstreet Boys were finally ready to start recording another album. Nick had done his own thing for a while and had even put out his own solo record, but he couldn’t deny the fact that he was excited to be back with the other boys. “Promo shows?” Nick asked.

“Nothing too extreme.” Kevin replied. “Just some intimate shows, mostly with older songs but maybe if some of the new stuff gets finished we can do some of that too.” He explained.

Nick nodded, he liked the sound of that. Not only would it help the fans get reacquainted with them, but it was also help he and the others get back into the swing of things. “That’s a really good idea, Kev. What do the others think?”

“They think it’s a good idea as well.” Kevin said. “It’ll be nice to tour again.”

“Yeah, definitely.” Nick agreed.

“Of course it’ll be a little different. It’ll be just us, as opposed a more elaborate show with dancers and that sort of thing.”

Nick considered that for a moment. “Like the unplugged thing?”

“Yeah, kind of.”

Nick grinned. He’d quite enjoyed playing smaller venues on his solo tour, and was excited about the prospect of doing the same thing with the others. “That’s awesome!”

“So we’ll probably record some stuff in LA for about six months, maybe do a couple of shows there, do some touring, and possibly head over to Sweden. The whole thing should take about a year, maybe more.” Kevin told Nick, giving him a breakdown of what the process of creating their next album was going to be like.

“Sounds great.” Nick beamed. Music was definitely his passion, and being in the studio was something he’d always enjoyed. “When should I come down to LA?” He asked.

Kevin paused for a moment, and Nick figured he was looking through his date book. Nick chuckled a little. Kevin was always organized and had his life scheduled down to the minute. “Can you be here in a month? That should give you some time to tie up any lose ends back home before you leave.”

A month? That was a bit more notice than Nick usually got. “A whole month?” He asked, a little shocked.

“Yeah.” Kevin said, laughing a little. “I know, it seems like an eternity, doesn’t it?”

“Do you remember when we were given a days notice before we had to be somewhere?” Nick laughed, still a little shocked by how different their lives had become since they’d recorded Millennium and Black and Blue.

“Well, things are a little different now.” Kevin explained. “We’ve got families and that sort of thing.”

Nick couldn’t argue with that. Things really had changed. “Yeah, alright.” He said. “See you in a month, then.”

“Talk to you later, Nicky.” Kevin said before hanging up.

“Bye.” Nick said, flipping his cell phone closed. He stretched out and gazed around the room once again. Numerous gold records and awards graced the walls. He only hoped that with this new album, he’d be able to add to that collection.


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