My Happy Ending – Chapter 9

“Come on, Ash!” Nick called from the living room. That morning they were on their way to Los Angeles. Nick had some meetings with the band concerning their next album, and he figured it might be nice for them to get away for a little while. Perhaps some sort of vacation what just what they needed. Even if this was primarily for business purposes.

Ashleigh nearly flew down the stairs once she heard Nick’s voice. “This is so exciting!” She beamed. “LA is going to be fantastic. Can we go to Koi?”

Nick laughed a little. He found it quite amusing that something as mundane as a California dance club excited her so much. “You can’t drink anyway.” He reminded her with a slight smile.

She shrugged. “I know. But it’ll still be cool to go there and see what it’s like.”

“I guess we can.” Nick replied, as the two of them stepped out of the house and into the cab that was waiting to take them to the airport.

When they finally landed in LA, they immediately made their way to the hotel. As per the usual, Ashleigh complained throughout the entire flight, and Nick attempted to sleep with no avail.

Surprisingly, there weren’t many photographers around as they made their way through the streets. Luckily, the media had yet to catch wind of Ashleigh and Nick’s relationship drama. Though, Nick had a sick feeling that it was just a matter of time.

“LA is so cool!” Ashleigh gushed, peering out the hotel window. “How much do you think it costs to open a store here? I bet it’s really expensive.” She marvelled.

Nick laughed a little. “People would pay here no matter what you charge.”

“I guess so.” She said. “What time is your meeting?” She asked, changing the subject.

Her answer came when Nick’s cell phone rang right at that moment. Nick rolled his eyes upon noticing Kevin’s number on his caller ID. “That guy must have a tracking device on me.” He muttered before flipping his phone open, causing Ashleigh to giggle. “Yes, I’m here.”

“We’re going to meet for dinner.” Kevin said simply. “That way we can discuss some of the issues we’ll be bringing up with management tomorrow.”

Nick nodded, and stuck his tongue out. “Yeah, okay.”

Closing his phone and tossing it down beside him, Nick grabbed Ashleigh and kissed her forcefully.

“What did Kevin want?” Ashleigh asked him, disregarding his kisses.

“Nothing.” Nick mumbled, pushing her down onto the bed. On account of their disagreement over their engagement, the surprise pregnancy and the argument over that, they really hadn’t been in the mood to be intimate with each other. Now that they were in California and things seemed to be slowly repairing themselves, Nick intended to change that.

Ashleigh responded eagerly to him, once she realized what he was doing. He raked her hands up the back of his shirt and pulled it swiftly over his head. Nick grinned as he continued to kiss her, glad that she was now thinking the same thing he was. He nearly ripped her shirt by pulling it off so hastily.

Not wasting any time, Ashleigh undid Nick’s jeans, followed quickly by his boxers.

Licking her lips, Ashleigh took nearly his entire length in her mouth. Nick moaned, almost pulling on her hair.

And then the phone rang again.

“Ignore it.” Nick breathed as Ashleigh continued to suck on him.

However, the phone didn’t stop ringing. Nick glared at it, trying to will it to stop. When it didn’t, he reluctantly reached over and answered it.

“What do you want?” He snapped.

“Jeez Nick, touchy this afternoon?” Brian laughed from the other end of the line. “I was just wondering if you and Ashleigh wanted to go out for coffee or something.”

Ashleigh giggled and continued to run her tongue over Nick’s cock. Nick had to bite his lip to keep from making any noise. “Yeah, sure Bri.” He said quickly.

“Great, do you want to meet in the lobby in a few minutes?” Brian asked, obviously quite unaware of Nick’s position at the moment.

“Uh huh, yeah okay.” Nick agreed, hastily flipping his phone shut. He then turned his attention back to his smirking girlfriend. “You’re awful, you know that?” He said, as he quickly stripped her of her underwear.

“You forgot something Nick…” Ashleigh said, as he pushed her down onto the bed, motioning towards her skirt.

Nick just gave her a grin and shook his head. Thrusting himself inside her he sighed heavily. It really had been entirely too long since they’d done this.

Ashleigh dug her fingernails into Nick’s back as he quickly moved against her. “God Nick…”

Nick moved faster still as Ashleigh wrapped her legs around his waist and tightened herself around him. Nick groaned, unable to hold on any longer. “Ashleigh….I’m sorry… I can’t…” He breathed as he came.

She only giggled. “It’s okay Nicky.”

Fifteen minutes later, Ashleigh and Nick sauntered into the lobby of the hotel, where Brian and Leighanne were waiting.

“I was just about to call you again.” Brian said as the four of them walked through the revolving doors and made their way towards a small coffee shop down the street.

“We were occupied.” Nick explained, giving Ashleigh a wink.

Brian and Leighanne just laughed and gave each other a knowing look. “So, how far along are you?” Leighanne asked, eager to change the subject.

“About seven weeks.” Ashleigh answered, taking Nick’s hand in hers.

“Excited, Nicky?” Brian asked, patting his young friend on the back.

Nick shrugged. He wasn’t exactly overjoyed, but he had to admit that he did feel a little happy about things to come. After all, he and Ashleigh would really have to work on their relationship now. They weren’t exactly just fooling around anymore; they had an actual responsibility now. “I guess so. It was kind of a surprise.”

Brian nodded. Despite Nick’s immature personality, he really was handling the situation rather well. “It’s a blessing.”

Nick rolled his eyes. “I guess.” Ashleigh turned her head and grinned at Nick. Evidently her train of thought was along the same lines as Brian’s. Nick really wished he could have been more excited, however most of what he felt was nervousness.

“Well, I’m really excited for you guys.” Leighanne smiled. “We should come down to Florida one of these days and go baby shopping.”

Ashleigh nodded in agreement. “You should!” She was definitely glad that it seemed as though Leighanne was accepting of her. “That would be so much fun!”

As the girls gushed over possible nursery items and baby talk, Nick tried his best to smile. However, inside he felt more worried by the moment. Ashleigh certainly did seem to be excited over this. Nick wished his attitude would change, however at that moment all he wanted was for things to go back to normal.

That evening, the five backstreet boys crowded around a large table in a rather upper class resteraunt. Nick sighed as he looked down at the menu. Thirty years old, and he still hated all these fancy dishes. He really would have rather been at McDonald’s.

“So, Nick. Are we going to have time to record a new album?” Kevin asked, pulling Nick out of his daydreaming of cheeseburgers and milkshakes.

“What?” He asked, sounding completely clueless.

Kevin sighed. Nothing much had changed at all. Nick still managed to space out and go off into his own world whenever important business matters were concerned. “With you and Ashleigh having a child, are you going to have time to record?”

“I think so.” He said, he hadn’t really thought that much about it. Ashleigh seemed to be perfectly capable of doing things on her own for the time being. Besides, she could just go with him if they needed to travel, couldn’t she?

“Are you sure about that?” Brian asked, knowing that Nick didn’t exactly what this pregnancy ordeal entailed. “Maybe we should postpone until after your baby’s born.”

“True, but then he’ll want to spend time with his kid.” Howie commented.

“But if we do it now, by the time the baby’s born we’ll have to do album promo, and then he’ll have to leave then…” AJ said.

Nick just sat quietly as the other discussed his personal life. If he had tried to speak, would they even notice? They seemed to like to do that a lot, make decisions for him. “Let’s just start recording now. I can do album promo when the kid is born. They can come with me.”

Brian nodded slowly, still unsure that Nick knew what he was getting himself into. Album promo was hard and tiring. It definitely wasn’t the best environment for anyone, especially not a newborn.

“Besides,” Nick continued. “It’ll take a while to complete the album anyway. We can just finish it in two years instead of one.”

“Yeah, Nick’s right. It takes a long time to do anyway.” Howie agreed. “We don’t have to rush at all, we can take our time.”

Nick grinned, proud of himself for coming up with such a good solution.

Meanwhile, Ashleigh was sitting in a rather smaller, less fancy restaurant with Leigh, Rachel, Leighanne and Kristin. She felt rather out of place and uncomfortable, though she had accepted the invitation to dinner simply because she didn’t want to distance herself from the others. As nervous as she was, she really did want to become part of the Backstreet family.

Noticing that Ashleigh was rather quiet, Leigh attempted to spark the conversation. “So, what’s going on with you and Nick?”

Ashleigh shrugged. She didn’t even know what was going on, how was she supposed to explain it to the others? “I don’t know. He’s been acting really strange.”

“He asked you to marry him, didn’t he?” Rachel asked, taking a sip of her drink.

Ashleigh nodded. “Yeah. That really freaked me out.”

Kristin nodded sympathetically. “I can imagine. How long have you guys been together for?”

“Nearly a year and a half.” Ashleigh replied, staring at the glass of water in front of her. Was it right for her to gossip about her relationship with these girls? She hardly knew them, and they were all married to Nick’s best friends. Still, they had been the ones who had asked. “I dunno. It really seemed too soon.”

“I think he’s feeling kind of left out.” Leighanne theorized. “I mean, all of his friends are married. Maybe he feels a bit out of the loop.”

Ashleigh nodded. That did make a little bit of sense. Add Nick being ridiculously rash to him feeling left out of his group of friends, and him proposing to her seemed to be the most logical thing he should do, in his mind anyway. “Yeah, I’d agree with that.”

“It was smart of you to say no.” Rachel smiled. “Nick always does stuff like this. He’s never sure about what he wants.”

“I’d marry him in the future…” Ashleigh said quickly, not wanting to turn this into a Nick bitching session. “Just, it’s way too soon. We haven’t even been living together for a month.”

“That long distance thing must have sucked.” Leighanne mused.

Ashleigh couldn’t have agreed more. “It really, really sucked. Thankfully Nick wasn’t working very much, so he could come up to Minnesota to visit a lot.”

As the conversation turned away from Ashleigh and Nick’s relationship and towards the hardships of being with a Backstreet Boy in general, she began to feel a little more comfortable. The girls seemed to accept her, and agree with her decision not to marry Nick just yet. She laughed and talked right along with them, feeling a bit more secure with herself and her relationship with Nick.


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