None the Wiser

My name is Howie. Howie Dorough to be exact. You might recognize my name, I’m one of those “Backstreet Boys.” Well, to the public at least. I’m actually an undercover assassin.

No one at JIVE or any of the other guys has any clue. This really is the best cover for me. After all, who would ever suspect a squeaky clean boybander to ever kill someone? I know I wouldn’t! I travel the world, and take jobs wherever I am at that moment.

Yeah, I did a fairly good job of hiding my identity. No one ever suspected a think. I was the latin lover, so they said. It was easy to hide behind that – when I was gone and came back late, I always said I’d been out with a girl. No one ever questioned that. Life was fairly easy, and fun too! I got to be adored by millions, and at the same time I got to feel as though I was some sort of James Bond.

That is, until I got my next assignment.

Nickolas Gene Carter.

Yeah, it should seem so simple. However, this definitely would be a toughie. I suppose they would have probably blamed on Kevin if any one of us… but I couldn’t have any signs that pointed back to me!

Oh, I’m sorry. Was I supposed to care that one of my ‘brothers’ is my next victim? Because I really don’t. The only thing I’m concerned about is getting caught. Sure, without Nick the band couldn’t possibly survive. But really my life is exciting enough as it is. The only question was: how could I pull this off?

Hmmm… Nick sure did like to eat. Maybe I could make it look like a choking mishap?

Doubtful. How in the hell would I be able to pull that one off? Although food definitely might be the answer.

So, that evening we all headed down to the McDonald’s Drive Thu as we always did after a concert. Nick ordered his regular helping of four cheeseburgers (extra mayo) and a small fries. My plan was about to be put into action.

“I’ll carry the food upstairs.” I said as we all climbed out of the limo, which was now parked in front of our hotel.

No one disputed this, and they all eagerly got out of their seats and trudged towards their rooms. I smirked to myself and open a small vile of anthrax. Nick would be dead within the hour. My job would be complete, and the next morning there would be chaos around the world.

Which, I have to admit, I’d be pretty damn proud of.

I passed Nick his bag of food and he dug right in, as he always did.

Then the unexpected happened!!

“Hey, Nick, how can you stand eating those?” Kevin asked.

Nick only shrugged, and continued to place fries inside his burger. “It’s good. Try one.” He said, handing one of his burgers over to Kevin.


Kevin studied the questionable piece of food for a moment, before taking a large bite. I winced, this was not going to go over well at all. Though I guess it didn’t really matter much. As long as Nick was gone, it really didn’t matter who I took down with him.

So I just kept eating. Attempting to be blissfully unaware of the events that were playing out before me. Once we are all finished eating our meals, we quickly retreated to our own rooms.

Before long, the morning came. Man, did it ever come. Nick and Kevin had been rushed to the hospital earlier that night and pronounced dead shortly thereafter. All the teenage girls wept, and the three of us were left devastated.

And no one was the wiser.


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