Slightly Off Schedule

Nintendo and airplanes are never a good mix.

I mean, I usually just sleep on long flights. Not that this was just any long flight. This was a long flight on our own private chartered plane! How cool is that? But of course the kid in me took over once again and I just had to break out the Mario Kart. All was well and good until after about twenty minutes. That’s when the air sickness started to set in. I tried to ignore it at first, but I very quickly realized that this was something that was going to get worse before it got better.

While I was in the washroom, I noticed that the bed was empty. Seems like AJ forgot about his nap time! I took that opportunity to go lay down. I figured that would at least make me feel a bit better. Then I could go back to kicking Brian’s ass at Mario Kart.


Damn Nick! He knows that there is supposed to be a rotational sleeping schedule when it comes to the bed! I swear, that kid is always breaking the rules.

Let me explain something to you about this bed. It’s hella comfy, and that’s all you really need to know. Believe me, comfortable sleeping accommodations on an airplane are hard to come by these days. It’s even right beside the window, which is actually a pretty nice touch.

And that little shit is sleeping on it! This is supposed to be my two hours! Okay, granted I spent the first half hour of my alloted time playing poker with Howie (I won by the way, but was there ever any question about that?) but that doesn’t mean that blondie over here can just up and steal my time!

I briefly thought that maybe I should get Kevin involved, but disregarded that idea. Kevin would only wake Nick up in an angry rage. That was never a fun thing for anyone involved. Besides, he was off talking with the chef or something.

Did I mention that along with a kick ass bed, we also have our own kick ass chef aboard? Oh yeah, it’s the sweet life in Backstreet land, baby.

I shrugged to myself, not wanting to let Nick deprive me of my precious nap time. At least he wasn’t under the covers, or there would have been hell to pay. Climbing into the bed (and as close to the edge as possible, mind you) I pulled the duvet over myself and closed my eyes. At least Nick didn’t snore. I’ll leave that up to Kevin.


Nick sucks at Mario Kart, let me tell you that right now. He thinks he’s this great Nintendo player, but he plays pretty dirty. I mean, he wins on technicalities alone. I know, I know. You’re thinking ‘How is that possible when it’s a video game?’ Well, I’m pretty sure that game is rigged. It almost seems like it feels sorry for Nick, because whenever he’s doing exceptionally badly, it gives him some great item and BAM! He ends up beating me, just like that.

So I sat on the floor of the plane, staring up at the screen of the TV. Nick had mentioned something about going to the washroom, and I was patiently waiting for him to return. After all, I needed to win back my title as the champion.

Maybe patiently isn’t exactly the right word. I mean, he’d been gone for about ten minutes when I thought something might be up. I glanced around the room and noticed that I wasn’t the only one without a gaming partner. Howie was sitting at the table, quietly playing solitaire.


“Where’d AJ go?” Brian asked from his seat on the floor.

“He went to sleep, didn’t want to waste his precious time on the bed.” I replied, laughing a little. What was it with these guys and that bed? Don’t get me wrong, I like my sleep as much as everyone else (actually, probably more judging from the amount of photo evidence) but I can nap pretty much anywhere. These guys were all so gung ho about this bed that Kevin actually had to set up a sleeping schedule.

And when I say “these guys” I really mean Nick and AJ.

Hey, wait a minute. Speaking of Nicky, wasn’t he challenging Brian in multiple rounds of Mario Kart? “Where’s Nicky?”

Brian shrugged. “He said he was going to the washroom.”

I peeked over to the washroom area. The door was open and the light was off. “I hate to break it to you Bri, but the washroom’s vacant.”

Brian looked shocked. I’m not sure why, it wasn’t unheard of for Nick to get distracted. The two of us exchanged a look and I could tell we were both thinking the same thing.

We poked our heads into the bedroom area, and our suspicions were confirmed. There was Nick, sound asleep on the bed. It seemed as though the sleeping schedule meant nothing to him. Which is exactly what I said to Brian.

Brian shrugged his shoulders again. “Well, it’s a pretty big bed.” He reasoned, trying to defend Nick. Those two really have earned those silly “Frick and Frack” nicknames.

“And what is it that you’re suggesting?” I asked Brian, trying not to laugh at how silly AJ looked with the blanket half pulled over himself.

“If you can’t beat ’em.” Brian chuckled, climbing on to the bed right in between Nick and AJ. “Join ’em.”

Can’t argue with that logic! Besides, the bed did look pretty comfy, and there was definitely room on the other side of Nick. Once I laid down, I fell asleep almost instantly.


Food has always been of great interest to me. I’ve always felt that you can tell a lot about a culture by the food that they eat. During the few days we were on that plane, we were lucky enough to have an excellent chef with us. I wasted no time in getting to know him, and in turn he showed me a few secrets in the kitchen.

I don’t know how long we were in the kitchen area for, but when I got back into the common room, none of those boys were to be found! It didn’t take long for me to find them, though. There they were, all fast asleep, curled up on that bed together.

That damn bed, I want to say “Never have AJ and Nick given me so much grief over something so stupid.” but that would be a lie.

Still, it was a picture perfect scenario. As always, I wasted no time snapping a picture. This would be something great to put into one of those tour books.


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