Stand-In-Line Con

“I’m bored.” Nick sighed.

“You said that already. Plus we just got here.” AJ rolled his eyes. The blonde was never satisfied it seemed.

“Well it’s just that I’m not used to having to wait for stuff. I mean why even give us these stupid badges if we can’t cut our way in line?”

Again AJ had to roll his eyes. “They need to know who paid admission, lame-o. It’s not a VIP pass.”

It was during the summer 2008 tour of Unbreakable, and while in Baltimore one weekend Nick had caught wind of the local anime convention. Naturally he’d dragged AJ along in hopes to score some classic Super Nintendo games in the dealers room. What the two didn’t expect was that there would be hoards of people with the same idea as they’d had.

Nick put his hands in his pockets and looked over the sea of people who were also waiting in line. “Aren’t they ever going to open the door? They should call this stand in line con instead of Otakon. Seriously.”

AJ looked around. He didn’t much mind standing in the line. There were a lot of interesting sights to see, what with the people walking around in costumes and all. “Can it, Nick. It was your idea to come here. Plus you gotta admit, it’s pretty cool that no one here recognizes us.”

That much was true. While the two of them were waiting in the line, not one person had come up to them shrieking or requesting a photo. Instead people were more interested in taking pictures of the giant Pikachu standing about 10 feet away from them.

Nick couldn’t help but grin. “That is cool.”

However, it seemed as though they’d spoken too soon. Nick felt a tap on his shoulder, and he and AJ spun around to come face to face with two teenage girls.

“See, I told you they looked just like them!” One of them grinned at her friend.

The other girl studied Nick’s face carefully. “I still don’t see it. He needs more piercings.”

“What!” Nick exclaimed. “No way. I’m not a thug like AJ here.”

That caused AJ to laugh, but he quickly recovered. “Um… hi girls? Did you a want a photo or an autograph?”

The girls exchanged a brief look. “Sorry, I was just commenting to my friend how much you guys looked like Nobu and Ren.”

AJ raised an eyebrow. “Uh, come again?”

The second girl spoke up. “From Nana. You know, they play in the punk band. Well actually they play in two separate punk bands.” She explained, then took a moment to think before speaking again. “But you don’t really, at least, he looks too clean cut to be in a punk band.” She nodded in Nick’s direction.

AJ still appeared confused.

“Wait… you guys have never heard of Nana? And you’re at an anime con? Jeez!” The first girl laughed.

Nick snickered. “Yeah, AJ, jeez! That’s the craziest thing I’ve heard all day.”

“No, see, we’re really just here because Nick wanted to buy some Nintendo games.” AJ explained to the girls, who were now looking slightly amused.

The first girl furrowed her eyebrows as if in thought. “Waitaminute…” She mumbled. “Nick and AJ… are you guys from Nsync?”

“I think it’s Backstreet Boys, actually.” The second girl chimed in.

“It’s Backstreet Boys, thanks.” Nick said, shooting the first girl a dirty look.

She merely giggled. “Wow, that’s kind of funny.”

AJ laughed. The afternoon was shaping up to be much more entertaining than he’d originally thought. “Don’t let it get out. We’re not really closest geeks. Well, not all of us anyway.” He finished, shooting a look in Nick’s direction.

As if on cue, the line started to move. Nick and AJ quickly said goodbye to the girls and made their way into the dealers room.

“Finally.” Nick sighed. “Nsync, seriously?! This isn’t 1998!”

AJ shook his head. “Relax, Nick. Are you going to go look for Nintendo games? I have something I want to find.”

Nick waved AJ away. “Yeah sure.”

Thirty minutes later, the two of them met up at the exit and began to walk out of the room.

“So, was it worth coming here?” AJ asked.

Nick grinned, nodded and held up a plastic bag full of Nintendo games. “Definitely. Final Fantasy 3? Right on! What’d you get?”

AJ smirked and held up a DVD cover with the title “Nana”. Pointing to the blonde character on the back cover, he laughed. “He totally does look like you Nick, just way cooler!”


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