Chapter 4 – Girlfriend

Okay, I was not expecting that. I had thought that Nick didn’t want anything to do with my plan? Of course, I guess his opinion changed pretty quickly once he saw Kels standing there. Nick really doesn’t know how to handle girls at all. But that was pretty amusing. I swear Kels stood there for a good thirty seconds with her mouth wide open, paralyzed with shock.

That is, until she started screeching at Nick about how she knew we were fucking the whole time, how she really couldn’t trust him and how this would be the last time he would ever hear from her. (I’ll believe that when I see it.) The entire time Nick just stood there listening to her, tightening his grip around my shoulders. At one point I gave Kels a smug look and I thought she was going to spit in my face.

After what seemed like forever, she finally left in a big huff. It was pretty hilarious, and worked out really well.

“Did you see the look on her face?” Nick laughed as the two of us sat in his hotel room, lounging around on the king sized bed with too much Burger King food. “I mean, she just looked shocked.”

I nodded and took the last bite of my Whopper. “Especially for someone who was so convinced that we were sneaking around behind her back.” I giggled. “I mean come on, she should have known better!” I said sarcastically.

Nick just shook his head as he took a sip of his coke. “I have to say, that was a pretty good idea.” He admitted, glancing up at me.

I just grinned. “I know it was.” I said, feeling pretty proud of how well that had worked. If it had gone over so well with Kels, just imagine how it was going to work on everyone else! “Admit it, I’m awesome.”

Nick laughed. “Okay fine, you’re awesome.” He said, rolling his eyes. “That did work pretty well.”

I reached into the bag and pulled out my box of mozza sticks. I freaking love mozza sticks, I lived off of them during that tour. Uh, anyway. “And it wasn’t at all awkward!” I pointed out.

Nick didn’t really agree with that. “Oh, it was still very awkward.” He said. “But I guess it’ll get less awkward. It’s going to have to, right?”

“Well yeah.” I replied, pulling away from Nick as he tried to steal one of my mozza sticks. “Especially if we want to be believable.” I explained. “Back off, get your own!”

Nick stuck out his tongue and again tried to steal one of my sticks. This time I wasn’t so quick and he was able to grab it and shove it into his mouth before I even knew what was going on. “Hey!” I exclaimed, taking a bite out of his burger in retaliation.

“You should have been quicker, Dani.” Was his only reply, along with a cheesy grin. That boy drove me up the wall.

“You shouldn’t be stealing my food!” I shot back, but it was no use. Nick had this boyish innocence about him, allowing him to get away with anything. I hated that.

“Stolen food tastes better.” Nick reasoned, shrugging his shoulders, and taking yet another one of my mozza sticks. Okay, I really should have seen that one coming. “You’re not even trying anymore.”

“I give up.” I said, handing the box to him and deciding to just continue drinking my milkshake. “You can have them.”

“Well that’s no fun.” He said, but of course he ate them anyway.

Looking over at the clock, I noticed it was getting a bit late. Plus, I hadn’t slept at all the night before so I was pretty tired at that point. Stretching and hopping off the bed, I gathered up my garbage and turned to leave. “I’m going back to my room.”

Nick just raised an eyebrow. “Why? We’re dating now, shouldn’t you stay in my room?” He asked with a wink. That guy is too smooth for his own good, no wonder he gets all the chicks. Well, I guess being a Backstreet Boy helps too.

“I am not having sex with you, Nick.” I said firmly, folding my arms over my chest. Yeah the plan was fun to fool other people with, but there was no way I was going that far. Now that would have been awkward.

Nick rolled his eyes. “I just meant you could sleep here. People would see you leaving my room tomorrow morning. It would be more believable that way.” He said. Of course! How could I have not thought of that? The plan!

“Yes!” I exclaimed, clapping my hands together. “You’re right!” It was pretty exciting to me that Nick was starting to get into the plan. I knew he’d come around! “But no funny business.”

“Dani, I find it awkward holding hands with you. As hot as you are, it would be way too weird.” He said, laughing. “Now go get your stuff from your hotel room and meet me back here, babe.”

I grinned, and quickly made my way down the hall to retrieve my pajamas from my hotel room. Upon entering the room, I found Bev laying on her bed reading a magazine. “Hey.” She said. “Where have you been?”

“Nick’s room.” I replied quickly, as I started to change.

“Oh?” She asked, suddenly intrigued. “So I take it the plan is being put into action?”

“Yup!” I said excitedly. “I’m spending the night there.”

Bev gave me a strange look. “I thought this was just fake.” She said, skeptically. Trust her to always analyze everything.

“It is.” I explained. “It’s so people see me leaving his room tomorrow morning.”

“Oh.” Bev replied, becoming uninterested once again and returning to reading her magazine. “Well, kick him in the balls if he tries anything.”

“Trust me, he won’t.” I laughed as I left the room. I shuddered a little as I thought about having sex with Nick. Yeah, that really wouldn’t be the best idea in the world.

But I can’t say I wasn’t completely giddy as I nearly ran back to Nick’s hotel room. I mean really, how great was this? Nick had actually decided to go along with my plan, and was even enthusiastic about it! I was sure it would only lead to good things. Kels would stop bothering Nick and AJ would see that he and I just weren’t going to happen. As far as I could see, it was totally flawless.

“There’s only one bed in this room.” Nick pointed out as I crawled under the covers upon my return to his room.

“It’s a king sized bed, Nick.” I said, laying down and closing my eyes. “Trust me, it’s big enough that I won’t grope you accidentally in my sleep.”

“Oh?” He asked, climbing into the bed. I’d say he was next to me, but that bed was so huge it was like we were miles apart. Definitely a good thing. “What if I want you to grope me?”

“Oh my God, Nick.” I said, he really was a piece of work. “One minute you’re saying how awkward it would be, the next minute you’re telling me you want me to grope you. Make up your mind!” I laughed.

“Oh come on, we’re going to have to flirt like this around everyone else.” He said, flicking off the light. “Lighten up, this was your idea.”

Yeah, that was true. But still, it was weird for him to be making passes at me! This was definitely going to take some getting used to. But, being as tired as I was, I dismissed it and fell asleep in a matter of seconds.

The next morning was probably one of the most hilarious moments of my life. Nick was up and dressed before I was even awake. And as we walked hand in hand to my hotel room, the only person who noticed was Kevin.

He didn’t say anything, but the look on his face was worth all the awkwardness I’d gone through the night before. He seemed pretty shocked at first, but then just continued on his way. I was sure he’d have words with Nick later, and I couldn’t wait for Nick to tell me what they were.

Nick and I continued this little charade until we were in the elevator, which thankfully was empty.

“Oh God, did you see Kevin’s face?” I laughed, immediately dropping Nick’s hand. “Priceless.”

“I can just hear him now.” Nick said, laughing just as hard as I was. “You’d better be careful with her, Nick. If you date every girl on the tour, by the end we’re going to have none left.”

I could barely contain my laughter as the elevator door opened to let out out into the lobby. Taking hold of Nick’s hand again, I tried to compose myself. We stepped outside and waited to board the busses. Instead of going over to the other dancers like I usually did at that time, I stayed with Nick as he listened to his itinerary for the day.

And the entire time I stood there with his fingers laced with mine, I couldn’t help but notice AJ stealing glances at us every chance he got. That also made it worth it. Oh to be a fly on the wall at soundcheck that afternoon! Of course, there was no way I could go, because then they wouldn’t talk about me. (Those boys were such teenage girls when it came to gossip, I swear.) I knew Nick would tell me everything later, though.

“Danica, your bus is leaving.” Howie pointed out to me, motioning over to the bus I usually spent the day on. I figured Bev must have told them I’d be riding with Nick that day and it was cool to leave without me.

“Oh that’s okay.” I grinned, giving Nick a kiss on the cheek. Ugh, awkward much? I have to say, I was a pretty good actress! “I’m going to stay with Nick on his bus.”

You should have seen the look on AJ’s face! Well, all their faces really. But AJ was the best. Oh man, this was the best plan I’d ever come up with.

“That okay with you, Nick?” Denise asked him.

“Of course it’s okay with me.” Nick replied, letting go of my hand and draping his arm around my shoulders. “Why wouldn’t I want my girlfriend to go on my bus with me?”

And there it was, the million dollar word. If any of them had been unsure before, that had just confirmed it for them. Oh, I could not wait to hear what they were going to say to him later!

“Okay, whatever you want.” She said dismissively. “Let’s get going then.” She said, and everyone quickly boarded their own busses.

“You have to tell me everything they say to you.” I said excitedly once nick and I were on his bus. “And don’t leave anything out.” I instructed. This was too good to be true.

“I will.” Nick nodded, flopping down on the couch. “It was your idea after all.”

“And a good one at that.” I grinned, feeling incredibly proud of myself. This was shaping up to be a rather interesting tour.

“Yeah, it was pretty good.” Nick laughed. “So what are we watching?” He asked, getting up and rummaging through the pile of movies on the floor of his bus.

“Can’t Hardly Wait?” I suggested. What can I say? I’m a typical girl, I love movies like that.

Of course Nick being a typical guy, rolled his eyes. But hey, hey owned the movie, so who was he to judge. “Fine, girlfriend.”

“Thanks, boyfriend.” I grinned as Nick put the movie in and sat down on the other couch.


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