Chapter 5 – Scandalicious

Okay, as much as I really wasn’t into Dani’s idea at first I have to hand it to her, it did work really well for getting Kels off my back. What kind of crazy bitch just randomly shows up at your hotel room like that anyway? And how did she manage to get past security? Man, she’s nuts. The plus side to that is, Kels hasn’t phoned me or tried to contact me at all since that day. That’s pretty awesome, and a pretty good outcome to her plan!

I mean, the day is still young, but Kels has usually phoned me twice by now, and nothing! You have no idea how much of a relief that is. Thank God I am finally done having to deal with her drama. Now if only AJ could get it through his head that he and Danica are never going to get together, everything would wrap up very neatly!

Of course, things never seem to go the way I want them to. And AJ really wasn’t at all pleased about me and Dani hooking up. He hadn’t talked to me about it yet, but I could tell by the look on his face that he was going to be having words with me about this later. Oh well, maybe it would give him the incentive he needed to get over her.

Or maybe he’d kick the shit out of me. Either way, it was shaping up to be a very interesting Soundcheck.

The entire bus ride to the next city was pretty uneventful. All we did was watch movies and occasionally laugh about the events of that morning. I won’t bore you with the details of that.

Once we got there it was a different story. Danica was right back to carefully planning our next move. It was kind of cute, how into this whole thing she was. Maybe she was having too much fun with it, but at least it was something to keep her entertained on an otherwise boring and hectic tour. That, and it really did benefit me so I couldn’t complain.

“I can’t go into Soundcheck with you.” She said, as the bus turned to park inside the stadium.

I was expecting that much. I’m oblivious, but I like to think I can be on the ball sometimes. “I know.”

“But isn’t that going to look suspicious?” She asked me, thinking about that for a moment. “I mean, you and I were all gushy before we left, and I came on your bus, and now we’re not even going to go into Soundcheck together?”

Yeah, she was right about that, something wouldn’t seem right. “Well, there are a million reasons why you wouldn’t be there. If they ask I’ll just tell them you were having girl talk with Bev or something.” I shrugged. That’s what girls did, right? When one of them got a new boyfriend, they talked about him forever?

Apparently I was right, because Danica clapped her hands together in excitement. “Yeah! That’s a great idea!” She exclaimed. “Okay, so you’ll go into Soundcheck, AJ will grill you, and then later you’ll tell me everything.” She said, nodding her head quickly. “Oh! He’s going to ask you how we got together… how did we get together?”

I shrugged. I guess it would make sense for us to have a story for that. “Um, I’ll just say that last night after the concert you and I were hanging out in my room… and I made a move and you didn’t stop it.”

She seemed to agree with that. “Yeah, and of course one thing led to another, and we ended up telling each other that we’d liked each other forever…”

I rolled my eyes. “That sounds so cheesy, can’t I just tell them we had sex and be done with it?” A big love confession really wasn’t my style, and AJ would see right through that.

“No!” She nearly shouted. “If we just did it, then things would be all awkward and weird between us. Just tell them it was different because it was me and that you’re in love with me.”

I sighed and put my head in my hands. She really didn’t get it. “Dani, guys don’t talk about stuff like that. Especially not with each other.”

She pouted, but seemed to accept what I was saying. “Fine, tell them that we just did it then. But that’s not what I’m going to tell them when they ask me.” She warned.

“Yeah, that’s fine. Tell them all that mushy stuff, but that’s your job, not mine. If I said anything to AJ other than ‘yeah I totally scored’ he’s going to know that something’s up.” I told her, knowing that she probably still didn’t completely understand what I was trying to say.

By them, it was time to exit the bus and for me to go meet up with the others. “Oh! One more thing.” She said. “I’m not kissing you. The cheek is fine, but…”

I wrinkled my nose. As much as it would make things look that much more fake, I could agree with her on that. “Yeah, too weird.”

“Way too weird.” She nodded.

With our plan in motion, we quickly exited the bus and made our way over to the entrance where the others were standing. Danica grinned at me, giving me a tight huge before quickly kissing me on the cheek and scampering off to meet the other girls. I watched her for a couple of seconds and then quickly turned my attention to Kevin who was talking about our schedule. Not that I was really paying attention to him, I was mostly amusing myself with the annoyed look on AJs face.

And then something weird happened. As we all walked into the stadium, Brian came up to me and started making some small talk. Now I know what you’re thinking, what weird about that? Nothing, it was what came after the small talk that was strange.

“Hey Nick, can I ask you something?” He asked. That was strange in itself, he never asks me if he can ask me something, he just starts talking.

“Sure.” I replied, giving him a bit of a weird look. He looked pretty uncomfortable. What was going on?

“I was just wondering how long you and Dani have been official for.” He started, looking down at the ground, and the quickly looking back up at me. “I mean, has this been going on for a while and you’re just telling people now, or…?”

I was kind of left speechless by that question. I hadn’t expected Brian of all people to really care about the situation. “No, we just made it official last night.” I told him. Which wasn’t a total lie… we had just decided to go ahead with the plan the night before.

“Oh.” Was all he said. “So you’re pretty serious about her?” He asked, after a couple of seconds of silence.

“Uh…yeah.” I replied, not really knowing how to answer that. I mean, I guess I was supposed to show them it wasn’t just a fling, right?

“Okay. Good luck to you guys then.” He smiled, and quickly ran off to the other side of the stage, suddenly becoming really interested in the set up of the instruments.

I didn’t have much time to contemplate what had just happened, because as soon as Brian wandered off, AJ was up in my face. I’m not even exaggerating either, he really was going ape shit. If only Dani could have seen it!

“You’re a dead man, Carter!” He shouted, and I whirled around. Where were the others? AJ and I were the only ones left on the stage, save for the couple of roadies that were setting up.

“Back off, J.” I said sternly, but of course that didn’t help anything.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? You knew that I liked her, have you never heard of bros before hoes?” He shouted, and I just rolled my eyes. I really should have known that he was going to react that way, and I really couldn’t care less… but I guess I had to play the part.

“It was clear that she didn’t like you!” I shouted back, standing over him. Heh, that was one advantage I had! AJ might be tougher, but I’ll always be taller. “What more did she need to do? And don’t even start with your bros before hoes bullshit, because I liked her too, so if you had gone out with her that would have broken your stupid rule anyway!”

“Fuck off, no one here knew that you liked her.” AJ snarled, not intimidated by me at all. “I have been trying to get with her all tour long, does that mean nothing to you?” He continued shouting. Why had no one come to see what was going on yet? Where the hell was Kevin?

“It means nothing to her!” I yelled. “She doesn’t care that you like her, so just get over it and go find a groupie to fuck.”

“That’s your area, not mine.” He said, and it was eerily calm compared to the rest of the conversation. “I hope Dani doesn’t get too upset when you cheat on her.” He said smugly.

That was all it took to make my blood boil. Okay, so I wasn’t the most faithful boyfriend in the world, but who the hell was AJ to point that out? Stupidly, I lunged at him, nearly punching him in the face.

And I would have hit him too, if my fist hadn’t collided with Kevin’s hand. Why did he pick that exact moment to show up?!

“What the hell, Nick?” He growled, glaring at me. This was not good. “Why would you think it would be a smart idea to give AJ a black eye right before a show?”

Nope, not good at all. “He was giving me shit about Danica.” I defended myself.

Kevin didn’t seem at all impressed with that answer. “I don’t care.” He said. “Quit fighting and act your age, not your shoe size.” He said angrily. “And that goes for you too.” He said, looking in AJs direction. With a final glare in both our directions, he dropped my hand and walked off.

“Bros before hoes dude.” AJ said as if to remind me. Not like I needed it at all, and I was sure this wasn’t the end of it.

“Shut up AJ, Danica can date who she wants.” I said calmly, before leaving to go to my dressing room. That had gone a little better than I had expected it to, and I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing. I figured there was more drama to follow. The problem was, I wasn’t prepared at all for exactly how bad things were about to get.


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