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Happy birthday, Nialler!

13 Sep

Obviously I had to write something for Niall’s birthday! Super cute how excited he is over turning 19 and also how Brian tweeted him lol. Boyband love~

Also obviously my Niall birthday story is Niam. Because I’m incapable of writing anything else in this fandom.

Nineteen Candles is here.

Happy birthday, Niall! Now you can drink in Toronto! lol



All the roads that lead us there are winding..

11 Sep

Has anyone else seen those lovely videos of 1D singing on the beach during the WMYB video shoot? I’m sure you have, because they’re kind of old now.

Anyway, Kate gave me a lovely prompt to work with based on the Wonderwall video. Natrually, I was fangirling over this video already because Oasis is one of my favourite bands ever, so to have the boys singing Wonderwall, I was basically dead. And they sing it beautifully too! Adding Niam to that was just… yeah, I had to do it.

So it’s here.

Also, a graphic, because gah, look at the look on Liam’s face… ❤ I love them.

Actually updating in-progress stories

5 Sep

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written a one-shot. Usually I’m full of them in all of their focus fail glory!

But, I have three new chapters of Forever Like This and a new chapter of Where You Are. Links to the stories are on the side~ I’m really trying to actually complete something that’s in progress for once! Of course Running Up That Hill is still a fail. But I’m sure that’s no shock to anyone!

Also look at this lovely picture:

Nick is beautiful, okay?

I have so many Niam feelings!

1 Sep

Errrr yep. Basically what the title says. So many, that I updated Where You Are to Chapter 7. And it’s finally getting to the really exciting slashy parts~

So much love for Niam. Seriously. I always forget how much I love writing that story until I sit down to actually write it.

I’m Back!

26 Aug

Went to Las Vegas with my family for a week! It was great fun!

Annnnd bonus, on the plane ride there I was super productive with writing! Both stories on the right side of the page have been updated with new chapters. Running Up That Hill has two new ones – Day 31 and Day 32 and Where You Are has one – Chapter 6 – Alright, Okay, Fine.

Hooray for being productive even when on vacation! lol

You Don’t Know

6 Aug

Added a new one-shot under the 1D section. It’s Niam (what else?!) and it’s called You Don’t Know. Totally inspired by that video of them performing at Westfield. That I might have watched like 20 times.

Check out the banner I slaved over for 2 hours lol