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BSB Fanfiction Awards 2012

2 Feb

Thanks to all who voted for me! I got a couple of Runner Ups which is a lot more than I was expecting, and it was really cool to be nominated along with the best in BSB fanfic!

I also finally got around to posting the rest of Forever Like This onto the site. Woo!


Actually updating in-progress stories

5 Sep

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written a one-shot. Usually I’m full of them in all of their focus fail glory!

But, I have three new chapters of Forever Like This and a new chapter of Where You Are. Links to the stories are on the side~ I’m really trying to actually complete something that’s in progress for once! Of course Running Up That Hill is still a fail. But I’m sure that’s no shock to anyone!

Also look at this lovely picture:

Nick is beautiful, okay?

Forever Like This

31 Aug

Sooooo I try to only have one story in progress at a time, but I’m kinda breaking my rule.

I have a new one and it’s called Forever Like This AND it’s in both fandoms. YAY! It’s actually the sequel to I Wish. The reason for that being I had already sort of outlined a story for Nick where he mentors a much younger pop singer on his own record label, but then I already had Brittany created, so…

Anyway, Forever Like This! Because even when the original story isn’t about him, or even in his fandom, Nick Carter still finds a way to make everything about him. Haha. Love.