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Forever Like This

31 Aug

Sooooo I try to only have one story in progress at a time, but I’m kinda breaking my rule.

I have a new one and it’s called Forever Like This AND it’s in both fandoms. YAY! It’s actually the sequel to I Wish. The reason for that being I had already sort of outlined a story for Nick where he mentors a much younger pop singer on his own record label, but then I already had Brittany created, so…

Anyway, Forever Like This! Because even when the original story isn’t about him, or even in his fandom, Nick Carter still finds a way to make everything about him. Haha. Love.

Golden Carrot Awards

6 Aug

Guys, this is really exciting!

I Wish has been nominated for a Golden Carrot! It’s under the MA category (which is kinda funny considering there’s only one or two mature scenes in it) and it’s especially flattering because it’s up against some AMAZING stories (like Sleepyhead omgwtfhowdotheyevencomparetheydont)

So go vote in the awards!