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Swept Away

14 Aug

I have this bad habit of entering one-shot challenges, and I got assigned not only Zayn, (who I have a hard time writing about to begin with) but the song Drowning by BSB.


How am I supposed to think about Drowning in any sense other than Nick Carter making love to that wall? Or at the very least the wet version of that video with the horrible CG rain. This song does not elicit any One Direction feelings in me at all!

But I still wrote the story based on it (with the help of the lovely Kate who let me idea bounce!), cause that’s what I do. Power through! Haha. Drowning in the most literal sense, indeed. Sorry dead Niall. That’s twice now I’ve killed you in challenge fics.

Anyway, Swept Away is here.


Wide Awake

7 Aug

A fitting title for a story that I wrote when it was really dark outside.

I know, I know, two one-shots in two days? This is so unlike me. Or it’s exactly like me. Because I write too many one-shots. Issues, I have them! But what is completely unlike me is that it’s Ziall and not Niam at all! I guess it has hints of one sided Niam… but whatever.

Anyway it’s here! In all its smuttyness