1D1Shot Awards

These awards celebrate the best in One Direction one-shots. Nominees can be from anywhere – be it tumblr, Livejournal, 1DFF… so long as the story is a one-shot and is posted online, it’s eligible.

Stories can be nominated through the nomination page. Nominations will run until September 1st, at which point the nominees will be announced. Stories will be judged based on a pre-determined rubric. The judging period will last one month and the winners will be announced on October 1st.

The categories are:

  • Best Angst
  • Best Alternate Universe (in which the boys are not a part of One Direction)
  • Best Drama
  • Best Humour/Comedy
  • Best Romance
  • Best Songfic
  • Best Tearjerker
  • Best Visual

There will be a limit of fifteen stories per category (first come, first served for nominations), and awards will be given out to the top three – Gold, Silver and Bronze.

So head on over to the nomination form and send them in!


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