Felix Awards 2012

18 Feb

I haven’t posted here in a while, but at least I’ve been writing a little bit! I’ve got a new 1D story on the go focusing around Harry/Niall in X Factor, so that should be fun.

The Felix Awards ceremony was last night, and I took home a few! This is really exciting for me because I’ve only ever come runner up there once before, so to actually win some of them was really exciting and completely unexpected!

Thanks to all who voted for me 🙂

 photo Win_ACC_zps25ada2ec.jpg

 photo Win_SS_zpse69382a1.jpg

 photo Win-CD-Author_zps55cfcc78.jpg

 photo RU_BVS_B_zpsd29add75.jpg

 photo RU-CD-Story_zpsf3b8f29b.jpg


BSB Fanfiction Awards 2012

2 Feb

Thanks to all who voted for me! I got a couple of Runner Ups which is a lot more than I was expecting, and it was really cool to be nominated along with the best in BSB fanfic!

I also finally got around to posting the rest of Forever Like This onto the site. Woo!

Award season, updates, etc

22 Dec

It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? Oops.

Anyway, I updated Running Up That Hill with a new chapter! Day 34 is now up 🙂

And some exciting news! I’ve been nominated for a few awards at the Felix Awards! Running Up That Hill got a nomination in the Comedy/Dramedy category, and Forever Like This got nominations in the Drama/Angst and Romance categories and Nick’s Dirty Kicks got nominations in the Short and AC Challenge categories! Pretty awesome! So head over there and vote 🙂




Awkward Answers

21 Oct

I always feel super awks making posts here, I don’t know why.

Anyway, updated Running Up That Hill to Day 33 and added a new 1D one-shot called Awkward Answers which is of the Narry variety.

Tell me whyyyyy I can’t be there where you are

19 Oct

In which I have added 5 new chapters of Where You Are because I’m super lazy about updating this site. And three of those chapters I wrote in one day in a Starbucks!

Also, I think the story will only end up being around 25 chapters long so it’s close to being done? Almost? Sort of? Yay?

One Week

7 Oct

Did you guys hear about the Payzer break-up? Heartbreaking! And like… writing fic is how I deal with stuff like that! Sad, I know. I don’t even know them! But I read an article that it had been Niall who was helping Liam through the break-up the most which like…adorable and Niam feelings and yeah…

Anyway, I wrote a fic about it. It’s just short, only 7 chapters about Liam moving into Niall’s house for the first week after him and Dani split. Aptly titled, “One Week.”

Happy birthday, Nialler!

13 Sep

Obviously I had to write something for Niall’s birthday! Super cute how excited he is over turning 19 and also how Brian tweeted him lol. Boyband love~

Also obviously my Niall birthday story is Niam. Because I’m incapable of writing anything else in this fandom.

Nineteen Candles is here.

Happy birthday, Niall! Now you can drink in Toronto! lol


All the roads that lead us there are winding..

11 Sep

Has anyone else seen those lovely videos of 1D singing on the beach during the WMYB video shoot? I’m sure you have, because they’re kind of old now.

Anyway, Kate gave me a lovely prompt to work with based on the Wonderwall video. Natrually, I was fangirling over this video already because Oasis is one of my favourite bands ever, so to have the boys singing Wonderwall, I was basically dead. And they sing it beautifully too! Adding Niam to that was just… yeah, I had to do it.

So it’s here.

Also, a graphic, because gah, look at the look on Liam’s face… ❤ I love them.

Actually updating in-progress stories

5 Sep

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written a one-shot. Usually I’m full of them in all of their focus fail glory!

But, I have three new chapters of Forever Like This and a new chapter of Where You Are. Links to the stories are on the side~ I’m really trying to actually complete something that’s in progress for once! Of course Running Up That Hill is still a fail. But I’m sure that’s no shock to anyone!

Also look at this lovely picture:

Nick is beautiful, okay?

I have so many Niam feelings!

1 Sep

Errrr yep. Basically what the title says. So many, that I updated Where You Are to Chapter 7. And it’s finally getting to the really exciting slashy parts~

So much love for Niam. Seriously. I always forget how much I love writing that story until I sit down to actually write it.