Forever Like This

31 Aug

Sooooo I try to only have one story in progress at a time, but I’m kinda breaking my rule.

I have a new one and it’s called Forever Like This AND it’s in both fandoms. YAY! It’s actually the sequel to I Wish. The reason for that being I had already sort of outlined a story for Nick where he mentors a much younger pop singer on his own record label, but then I already had Brittany created, so…

Anyway, Forever Like This! Because even when the original story isn’t about him, or even in his fandom, Nick Carter still finds a way to make everything about him. Haha. Love.

I’m Back!

26 Aug

Went to Las Vegas with my family for a week! It was great fun!

Annnnd bonus, on the plane ride there I was super productive with writing! Both stories on the right side of the page have been updated with new chapters. Running Up That Hill has two new ones – Day 31 and Day 32 and Where You Are has one – Chapter 6 – Alright, Okay, Fine.

Hooray for being productive even when on vacation! lol

I Hate Mario Kart Wii

14 Aug

I actually wrote something in BSB fandom, go me!

Just a one-shot, but it’s still something. I based it off of I Hate Mario Kart Wii by Alex Day, which is a hilarious and amazing song. And really, don’t we all love to hate Mario Kart? I’m sure Nick Carter does too.

Hence this.

Swept Away

14 Aug

I have this bad habit of entering one-shot challenges, and I got assigned not only Zayn, (who I have a hard time writing about to begin with) but the song Drowning by BSB.


How am I supposed to think about Drowning in any sense other than Nick Carter making love to that wall? Or at the very least the wet version of that video with the horrible CG rain. This song does not elicit any One Direction feelings in me at all!

But I still wrote the story based on it (with the help of the lovely Kate who let me idea bounce!), cause that’s what I do. Power through! Haha. Drowning in the most literal sense, indeed. Sorry dead Niall. That’s twice now I’ve killed you in challenge fics.

Anyway, Swept Away is here.

Exploring the touchy-feelyness of One Direction

12 Aug

Despite it being the weekend, I did little to no writing. That sorta sucks.

However, I did come across this glorious ficathon.

You can click the link. I’ll wait. Okay, did you check that out? Isn’t it FANTASTIC? As soon as I saw it and read those prompts my muse went crazy and I wanted to write all of them! I’ve always been interested in exploring unconventional relationships in fic, and even gender and I just have always wanted to play with those themes. I even started a polyamorous Nick Carter fic that has 8 chapters but isn’t posted because I lost where I was going with it.

Anyway. I was very, very excited and I had to try one of these out. So I chose the prompt in which Niall struggles with biromantic feelings and what that means and how normal but not normal his physical relationship is with the rest of the boys.

It’s called Catching Feelings and it’s here. And no pretty banner because I got a new laptop and have yet to install any image editing software. Open Office came first 😉

They should have been back on tour but aren’t :(

8 Aug

It’s been really 1D-ish up in here lately. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it’s like they were my favourite boyband or something.

But that’s not the case. I actually updated Running Up That Hill to Day 30, which is quite an important chapter. It’s a turning point for the story since AJ is now out of the rehab facility and is in transitional care. We’re in the home stretch now! (At least that’s what I keep telling myself, lol)

No pretty banner this time. Awww. But it’s on the side over there! Yay? lol.

Wide Awake

7 Aug

A fitting title for a story that I wrote when it was really dark outside.

I know, I know, two one-shots in two days? This is so unlike me. Or it’s exactly like me. Because I write too many one-shots. Issues, I have them! But what is completely unlike me is that it’s Ziall and not Niam at all! I guess it has hints of one sided Niam… but whatever.

Anyway it’s here! In all its smuttyness


You Don’t Know

6 Aug

Added a new one-shot under the 1D section. It’s Niam (what else?!) and it’s called You Don’t Know. Totally inspired by that video of them performing at Westfield. That I might have watched like 20 times.

Check out the banner I slaved over for 2 hours lol

Golden Carrot Awards

6 Aug

Guys, this is really exciting!

I Wish has been nominated for a Golden Carrot! It’s under the MA category (which is kinda funny considering there’s only one or two mature scenes in it) and it’s especially flattering because it’s up against some AMAZING stories (like Sleepyhead omgwtfhowdotheyevencomparetheydont)

So go vote in the awards!

1D1Shot Awards

5 Aug

Some of you guys have known about this project for a little while, for others it’s brand new!

Basically I’m running 1D awards (no BSB at this time or in the foreseeable future) for one-shots. Because we all know how much of a one-shot whore I am! lol

So click the spiffy link up top to see what it’s all about! ❤